Mijis Assures That He Had to Sing One by Lalo Mora to Get out Alive

After having suffered a kidnapping at dawn on October 31, Deputy Pedro Cañizares, or as  ‘El Mijis’ is known, recounted what he had to go through to get out alive, as hitmen allegedly sent by Lalo Mora did it suffer for several hours.

Through an interview conducted for Radio Fórmula, the former deputy from San Luis Potosí revealed that he had to send his family to another state to protect them, because a week before the protest against the vocalist of Los Invasores de Nuevo León, they suffered death threats.

In addition to telling about the multiple threats against him and his family, he mentioned that he spent a long time in the Prosecutor’s Office, but the blows he presented, a ball through the liver and ribs, had not yet been treated.

I received death threats for a week, in fact I sent my family to another state for the same reason, the whole week that they were going to kill me, that for having messed with “the old man” (Lalo Mora), who belonged to the González ” , said the former deputy.

Mijis assured that there were two reasons why they gave him the ‘lift’, the first would be due to the protests against Lalo Mora, whom he pointed out for harassment towards his fans, and the second because they tried to prevent him from going to the concert that the singer gave on October 30.

Although they had told him not to mess with ‘the old man’, El Mijis went to the Dome where the interpreter of  ‘If I am old’ would appear, however, he did not arrive and was deprived of his freedom during 14 hours, where he assures that he was tortured but did not give details due to the ongoing investigation.

In order to free him, the captors made a strange request to the former Potosí deputy: to sing a complete song by Lalo Mora. So without thinking, El Mijis began to sing the song ‘Dos coronas’, which at the end of it finally released him with a bag on his head.

Pedro Cañizares asks motorists for help and no one helps him until a young woman asks him if it is him, when confirming it, he gets him into his car and drives until he crosses with the  National Guard (GN) to be put to safety.

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