Miguel Herrera thanks Liga MX for removing away goal in Liguilla

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

Even though the League ceased to be spectacular due to lack of goals and the position of the MX League to remove the away goal as a tiebreaker, Miguel “Piojo” Herrera He thanked the managers to eliminate this rule to give value to what the clubs do in the 17 days of the regular tournament.

“It does not go through the regulations, the away goal was a copy of a tournament where the position of the table did not matter, you came to a direct elimination and they wanted to copy here and We despised what was done in the league, it was not given a certain value”, Said the DT in a press conference.

“Today the League did very well,Yes, as I complain about some things, today they did well to return the value to everything that is done in the tournament, popcorn for the FMF, in the end the beneficiaries are those at the top of the table, popcorn for the people in front of Liga MX “.

Herrera Aguirre acknowledged that he did not like the idea of ​​the away goal, and now that Tigres receives the away game against Saints In the Quarterfinals he knows that the tie in the glabal gives them the ticket to the Semifinals.

“The idea of ​​making a good league seemed bad to me, having a bad day or erring at the last minute costs you all that, the value is being returned to the leagueThe addition is that if you draw on the aggregate you have the possibility of advancing, and afterwards it is up to each coach to watch football, to see how it is played and what he wants, there it seems to me that it does not pass through the regulations ”.

The strategist did not stop giving his former team a ‘scratch’, America and his successor, Santiago Solari, remembering that Eagles they came out cautious before Cougars in University City.

“The first day the teams came out more cautious thinking not to lose and on the second we went out to win the game, It cannot be that 4 teams are thinking about not losing and the others about winning, it is the determination of each team, I do not think that it will happen to put that circumstance of regulation, for me not.

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