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Do you think you are a diva? michelle soifer She was surprised to say that several times she has been confused on the streets with well-known Hollywood stars such as Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. It all happened when the member of “This is war” was asked about her resemblance to an international artist.

For the hilarious “You’re in Everyone” sequence, the reporter entered the set of “This Is War” looking for the contestants to find out which celebrity they look like.

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Who does Michelle Soifer look like?

When asked about her resemblance to a Hollywood figure, Michelle Soifer left everyone speechless by revealing who she thinks she looks like.

“Several times…with Jennifer Lopez, with Megan Fox and with Beyoncé. I think (she is my twin sister). Also with Kim Kardashian and anyway (I’m one of the Kardashians). Just asking those stars to please be original and not copy me because they copy my look.”he pointed.

It is worth mentioning that the singer named the Hollywood artists as a joke, since at the end of the interview she only managed to laugh at the answers she gave for the cameras of the Natalie Vértiz and ‘Choca’ Mandros program.

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Michelle Soifer achieves resounding success with her song “La nena”

It should be noted that Michelle Soifer’s musical proposal has positive results. The song “La nena” was considered the best urban song at the Inkaton 2021 Awards. This recognition is focused on continuing to support the work and career of each of the urban artists in our country. In addition, she was awarded as “The Revelation Urban Artist 2021″.

Michelle Soifer assures that she will not abandon her musical career. Photo: Michelle Soifer/Instagram

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