Michelle Salas: the LUXURY MILLION dollar properties where Luis Miguel’s daughter lives

Michelle Salas is a Mexican model and influencer who has a large number of projects with different clothing brands in the United States and Europe. Thanks to her great success in social networks and in the world of fashion, Luis Miguel’s daughter did not have to hang on to her father’s fame to make a name for herself in her business and incidentally has made her count on a large number of properties that you have paid for with your work and effort.

The eldest daughter of “El Sol de México” has some luxurious properties in the United States, a country to which she constantly travels due to its many events. He currently has two properties in Uncle Sam’s Lands, the last one he bought a few weeks ago being an apartment in Miami.

According to information from Terra, Luis Miguel’s daughter would have acquired the Florida property with a value close to three million dollars in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami. It has a minimalist decoration where the color white predominates.

The other property

Prior to the purchase of said apartment in Miami, Micky’s daughter already had another apartment, but this one in New York, one of the most important fashion centers in the world. He bought this place a couple of years ago, so it is said it is not as big and expensive as the one that was just bought in Miami, but that does not mean that it was expensive or cheap.

The location of said property is in the neighborhood of Manhattan in New York, where it is said that it has a vintage decoration, mirrors, lights, wooden floors, and blue tones predominate; In other words, a completely different situation from Miami, where the predominant color is white and it is more minimalist.

Now we just have to wait for upload many more photos to your social networks in their respective homes so that your fans can know a little more about their homes and with this continue to enjoy their great style both in clothing and in the decoration of their homes.

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