Michelle Rodríguez remembers her role as Polita in ‘True Loves’ | Characters

The comedian shared a great moment in the role that made her famous 10 years ago.


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A decade ago now, a few years before becoming the endearing Toña de 40 and 20Michelle Rodríguez had made her first and unforgettable role: Politathis in the soap opera True lovesTelevisa drama produced by Nicandro Díaz.

Despite the fact that it was a telenovela, the actress played a tender role that bordered on the comical, showing that she had enough tables to make the public laugh. Now, the actress remembered with an emotional video, that role that began to position her in the taste of the people. In the soap opera, she was the kitchen assistant in the Balvanera mansion, where Victoria (Érika Buenfil) lived, very good, but sometimes a bit nosy, like Toña.

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