Michelle Rodríguez fulfills her dream on top of a Jaguar

Michelle Rodriguez enjoys driving the best cars on the big screen so much that she decided to do it in her everyday life too. Today in Tork, we will show you one of the fastest cars where the actress managed to fulfill her great dream. Slide and find out more!

Michelle Rodriguez He is noted for his performances in both film and television. After several years of career, she has managed to play roles like Ana Lucia in the series lost Already Letty Ortiz in the American saga, Fast and Furious. Her successful works as the rude and rebellious girl in fictions have led her to own a staggering $30 million estate.

This large number is mainly due to its fanaticism for luxury and speed. The native of Texas has models from the best automotive companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. We can see the actress on top of these incredible cars daily on her different social networks. And by this means, she communicated the dream that she fulfilled on top of one of her vehicles.

Its about Jaguar F-Type SVRMichelle Rodriguez managed to break his speed record behind the wheel of this great machine. The American drove the British car in the nevada desert and got to 323 kilometers per hour, becoming the fastest the 44-year-old actress has ever driven. Of course, she declared that she was very happy to beat her own mark.

The Jaguar F-Type SVR count with one 5.0L V8 enginewhich allows a power of 575 horsepower. In addition, as we already mentioned, it travels up to an impressive speed of 323km/h reaches a acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. The value of a car like this starts from the 100 thousand dollarsa worrying number but not so much for a Hollywood celebrity.

Clearly Michelle enjoys driving and much more when it comes to the fastest vehicles like the Jaguar. We do not rule out that the actress can beat her own brand again soon on top of another incredible machine.

Michelle Rodríguez broke her own record in her Jaguar F-Type.

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