Mhoni Vidente launches prediction and assures the Sun will not rise in Mexico

Dreaded predictions has launched Mhoni Vidente on his YouTube channel, where the famous Cuban has assured that Mexico and other parts of the world will suffer from the absence of the Sun and the scourge of cold.

To say of Mhoni Seer It will be next December that the king star will hide for three days and this will make the cold more cruel in various parts of the world and Mexico will not be the exception.

The Sun will set in December, three days of complete darkness, the Sun will not shine and the winter storm will completely hit almost the entire world more than 30, 40 degrees below zero in various parts of the world, said the famous.

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The Cuban fortune teller assures that the northern countries will be the most affected by the cold, indicating that even the cities would be left without electricity, gas and the temperatures would be so extreme that it would be difficult to breathe and even some animals would be frozen in the interpretation.

In North America, including Mexico, in Northern Europe, including countries where it did not snow before, it will start to snow, cities without electricity, without gas, and without being able to breathe from the tremendous cold that will be completely hitting cities and people, frozen animals standing and the most impressive, intense seas, entire lakes turned into an iceberg.


Mhoni Vidente assures “Mexico will remain in the dark for days.” Photo: Youtube.

Mhoni Seer asked the population to prevent themselves and take care of themselves since the cold comes with everything in this winter season and it will hit very hard, so much so that it will snow in places where it had never done it before.

The cold is ahead, it will be more cruel than ever, said Mhoni.

Whoever became famous thanks to television programs like Sabadazzo also spoke about other quite controversial topics, such as aliens, which, according to the Cuban woman, do exist.

The former member of the Hoy Program assured that there are “extraterrestrial” beings; However, they are not as different from us as we imagine, since we say from Mhoni SeerIt is about the same human beings who learned to move differently through the Universe and time. The clairvoyant star assured that man will find out about many things that are there but are not shared, such as investigations by the United States on these beings and their way of being on Earth.

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