Mexican cartel frees seven Nicaraguans held hostage

The anguish and fear of seven Nicaraguan families who experienced the horror of the kidnapping of one of their members ended. The news of the kidnapping by a Mexican cartel of seven young Nicaraguans, three from Matagalpa and four from Managua, was known this week on social networks.

Yesterday, also through digital platforms, the news of his release circulated, later this version was confirmed by close friends and family.

This dangerous criminal group kept the young people’s families in distress for 6 days, as they demanded $ 70,000 to release them, $ 10,000 for each one, threatening that if this requirement was not met, the outcome would be fatal.

Two young women from Matagalpa and a minor ran the risk

Gerlenis Jiménez decided to undertake this dangerous journey together with her little daughter. His desire was to get to the United States to help his family. In the same way, María Teresa Delgadillo dreamed. Both inhabitants of the southern part of the city of Matagalpa.

They knew of the risk they were running, but unemployment and poverty in Nicaragua forced them to leave their country, just as thousands of Nicaraguans have done in recent years, having no other opportunities.

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María Teresa Delgadillo, before deciding to emigrate to the United States, spent three years in Costa Rica, always having the illusion of helping her mother, Clementina Delgadillo, a single mother of three children, a street vendor in the Guanuca market in Matagalpa and inhabitant of the Lucía Mantilla neighborhood.

They are still in Mexico

Nancy Ferrufino, a friend of the family, was at the precise moment when María Teresa Delgadillo contacted her mother, Clementina Delgadillo, expressing that she had already been released and told her that everyone was fine.

“We already had the opportunity to speak with her (María Teresa Delgadillo) to know that she is really well and has been very emotional, we have cried with joy, with gratitude to God above all things, because He has been the one who has opened these doors, all are well, the girl, the boys, thank God ”, exclaimed Ferrufino, very excited.

Solidarity among friends from Matagalpinas

Social networks were invaded by publications made by friends and family of Gerlenis Jiménez, requesting financial help from Matagalpinos to raise the 10,000 dollars that the kidnappers demanded from their mother.

Josseling Guevara, a friend of the Jiménez family, organized the making of some piggy banks with photos of Gerlenis Jiménez in order to collect the amount that the criminals demanded. However, he did not rush for long to hear the news that they had already been released.

Piggy banks that friends of the abducted Matagalpine girls distributed in town establishments to help the family raise the funds for their ransom.

“From the first moment I was close to the family, we prepared everything for the jars and although they are still in Mexico they are already in a better place, they are already well, that was made known to us,” said Guevara.

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According to details of close friends to the family of the ex-hostages, part of the money that the criminals demanded was sent. However, it was not all the amount that they asked for what they say that “only the power of God made that possible.” They also thanked those who gave their financial help to be released.

It is expected that in the next few days this group of young people will continue on their way until they reach their destination, where friends and family await them in the United States.

These are the risks and bad experiences that many Nicaraguans go through when trying to seek in other countries the opportunities that they cannot find in their own country.

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