Metroid. 5 curiosities about the Nintendo video game

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On August 6, 1986, it came to light metroida shooting and platform video game that would begin with one of the most beloved franchises in the industry, since it would take us to the skin of samus arana bounty hunter who will go anywhere in order to complete missions.

The unique formula of the game led to the phenomenon growing and spreading even to this day, since currently the game is still very much in force. Metroid Dreada new delivery in two dimensions that reinvents the classic formula.

Samus is a girl? The ‘secret’ that many were slow to discover

Currently it is something completely known, but at the time it was a real controversy for many gamersand it is that by not abounding in everything related to the game, there were those who came to think that Samus was a man or that it was even a robot. However, Samus Aran is one of the great female exponents of video game characters, and perhaps the most important.

Named a ‘sub-genre’


The meaning of metroid

In an interview, Sakamoto Yoshio, director of the Metroid saga, explained that the term does not mean anything in particular and is simply the union of the word “subway”, referring to the fact that it seems that you explore in underground places such as in the transport service and “android”given the appearance of Samus like a robot-android or something similar.

Inspired by ‘Aliens’

The team behind metroid created the universe with heavy inspiration from the movie Alien: both have a female protagonist and in fact the main enemy is called “ridley”, when the director of the motion picture is Ridley Scott. Coincidence?

The actress who wants to play Samus in the movies

In 2004, the filmmakers John Woo and Tiger Hill intended to bring the video game saga to the movies; however, the Project ended up being canceled and the subject was never discussed again. But no one less than the actress Brie Larson has shown her taste for video games and in particular for the saga of metroid and Samusand has openly expressed that she would be the first to audition for the lead role if Nintendo decided to make an adaptation.


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