“Messi” was tattooed on his forehead, now he regrets it and wants to delete it

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A few weeks ago everything was joy and happiness, but today everything is regret. These feelings are lived by a influencers Colombian what is called Mike Jambs and that a few days ago he decided he decided tattoo the word “Messi” on the forehead.

The young man was honest and through a video He explained that he is sorry for the tattoo that was madeBecause this it has only brought negative things to his life and recognizes that failed to listen to all those people who suggested that he not get tattooed.

I’m sorry I got the tattoobecause instead of having brought me positive things, they came thousands of negative things, both personally and in the family“, he admitted jambswho in addition to the word “Messi” on his forehead, He got three stars tattooed on his left cheek. -the three World Cups in Argentina- and the word “D10S” on the other cheek in homage to Diego Armando Maradona.

“I didn’t plan to say this so soon. I was very proud the first days, but I regret it. They just say that I am not a positive example for society,” she added.

Why was the word “Messi” tattooed on his face?

Maicol Quinonez -real name of Mike Jambs- explained that the tattoo was done to respond to a challenge he did with his friendscoupled with the fact that he was happy because Argentina had won the World Cup in Qatar 2022 by defeating in the Final France.

“Many people told me: ‘You’re going to regret the tattoo you got and you’re going to want to remove it. I was happy the first few days, but I have to agree with everyone today“, indicated the Colombian influencer, who now wants to remove the tattoo from his face.

I want to remove my tattoo, I don’t know how one of those procedures isI don’t know where they make them, I don’t know how that is, but I sure want to delete it. I want to remove it with a laser because my life has changed negatively in all aspects. And I want to be normal again, “she finished.

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