Messi puts PSG in a bind for celebrating his title in the Parque de los Príncipes

Messi and his companions continue to celebrate the title of world champions in Argentina. Once the players return to their clubs they hope to be honored by their fans. However, in the case of Leo Messi It doesn’t seem like it’s easy to do.

Because as reported by Goal, Messi has the desire to celebrate the title of world champion in the Park of the Princes. The Argentine’s idea is to be able to have that celebration with his fans when he returns to Paris, in a PSG game.

However the psg he doubts a lot about what to do. Without a doubt, it is an uncomfortable situation for the club because being France the one defeated in the final and, also, because of the bad time that another of its stars can have, such as Kylian Mbapp.

Something that is not liking much in the psgis that during the Argentine celebrations there have been jokes about the French, especially against mbappwhich has been the subject of teasing and that makes the title of Argentina has not been well received France beyond what it means to lose a final of the world.

In the next few days, the psg make a decision on this petition Messi that puts the club in a bind but they understand that it is also one of the most important moments of his career for the Argentine, and they understand that he wants to share that moment with the fans.

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