Melodramas with leading children to enjoy at the weekend

In the film industry, great performances always attract the attention of the press and are highlighted at awards shows. In general we are used to adult actors who stand out for their acting prowess. However, in many cases it is the children who win all eyes for their talent and versatility in front of the camera.

No doubt facing a camera at a young age is a peculiar experience, but many movies, especially children’s ones, count on young talents to charm the hearts of viewers. Think of classics like My first kiss without anna clumsky either Macaulay Culkin At present it seems unimaginable since they were the perfect choice for their roles due to their innocence and tenderness. Also actors like Haley Joel Osmentwho at only 11 years old, display all their power in dramatic films, even managing to be nominated for the Oscars for their performances, in his case for The sixth Sense by M. Night Shyamalan.

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