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health authorities in USA They say they have found a rare and dangerous type of bacteria in soil and water samples in the Gulf region off the coast of Mississippi.

The pathogen, known by its scientific name of Burkholderia pseudomalleican cause severe illness in infected people.

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Most healthy people who come into contact with the bacteria do not develop serious illness. melioidosiswhich can be treated with antibiotics.

Doctors are already alerted for possible cases.

The melioidosis can occur in people who have underlying diseasessuch as diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising residents at risk to take precautions such as:

“Given the small number of melioidosis cases that have been identified historically in the United States, CDC believes that the risk of melioidosis to the general population remains very low,” the agency stated.

It’s unclear how long the bacteria has been in the environment and where else it might be found in the US.

Globally, most cases are in people who live in, or have traveled to, regions where the bacteria occurs naturally, such as parts of South and Southeast Asia and northern Australia.

Southeast Asia is one of the places where melioidosis is endemic.  (GETTY IMAGES)
Southeast Asia is one of the places where melioidosis is endemic. (GETTY IMAGES)

Cases of melioidosis have also been linked to contaminated commercial products from countries where the disease is endemic. This happened in the US in 2021, when a series of four cases in four states was linked to a contaminated imported aromatherapy spray.

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Soil investigation in Mississippi was prompted by the occurrence of two cases of melioidosis in two unrelated individuals who have lived in the region for recent years. Person-to-person transmission is extremely rare.

Health authorities tested soil and water samples in and around patients’ homes. Three of the samples came back positive, suggesting the bacteria had been present in the area since at least 2020.

Melioidosis can produce symptoms such as fever, joint pain, and headaches, as well as lung problems and blood infections.

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