Megan Fox went to therapy after Machine Gun Kelly’s suicide attempt

Megan Fox credit: Bang Showbiz

Megan Fox credit: Bang Showbiz

It wasn’t easy for Megan Fox to witness the suicide attempt of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly.

After the premiere of the singer’s documentary called ‘Life in Pink’, in which Kelly confessed that she tried to kill herself while talking on the phone with the ‘Transformers’ star, the Hollywood star revealed in an interview that she had to go therapy to get over the shocking moment.

“We’ve done every form of therapy there is. We’ve found a therapist that really works for us, as a couple and individually and it’s definitely a process, it’s not easy.”

Further, the actress added: “Some things are really hard, but our therapist said that a relationship is basically the process of breaking up with each other, but most people don’t have the tools to rebuild themselves again. So it’s a constant process of suffering and passion and love, and the cycles repeat. We’re learning that and navigating that, doing this together. There’s a lot of all of those things all the time,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight.

Fox and Kelly, who announced their engagement in January, are planning their wedding amid speculation that they have already said “I do.”

But Kelly has insisted that he only refers to Fox as his “wife” out of respect for his fiancée. When she was asked about her marital status, MGK stated, “I have never felt like my girlfriend. That word is too adolescent for the depth of our relationship.”

For her part, the 36-year-old actress confirmed: “No (we’re not married), we don’t know what will happen. He’s on tour this year. When it has to happen, the universe will open up and give us the space to do it.”

The rapper admitted in his new Hulu documentary that he put a gun in his mouth while on the phone with Fox while having a paranoid crisis and was unable to take his own life due to a cartridge jamming in the barrel.

MGK added that the support of Fox and his 12-year-old daughter Casie made him realize he had to get help and “get off illegal substances once and for all.”

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