Meet Daniel Ríos, a new Chivas player.

The mission to prop up the Guadalajara Facing Clausura 2023, it has been under construction since the Preseason began. After a few weeks of analysis of the options available in the market, Daniel Rios has been chosen to become a new player of Chivasincorporation with which it is intended to strengthen the rojiblanco attack and raise the competitive level of the squad.

What will he bring to the ‘Pauno’ team? What are his qualities?
The attacker has a great passing game, since he has managed to take advantage of his 1.86 height. In addition, he is a good definer of balls coming from the band and one of his specialties is unchecking the near post.
The football proposal Veljko Paunovic He contemplates constantly bringing the ball into the area and doing damage from there. That is why having players like Ríos with a good punch and ease of movement within the area is of great value.

Who is Daniel Rios?
Daniel is a right-handed attacker trained in the #CanteraRojiblanca, he was born in Mexico City and is 27 years old.

During his training process in Chivas he was champion with the Third Division in 2011 and with the Sub 20 in the Apertura 2014. Ríos debuted with the First Team in the CL15 MX Cup. In addition to his stage in the sacred herdDaniel had tickets in the Promotion League with Coras de Tepic and Zacatepec, to later go to try his luck in soccer in the United States.

He arrived at North Carolina from the USL in 2018 and thanks to his good performances a year later he was able to go to Nashville SC, a franchise that played in the USL in 2019 and joined the MLS in 2020. He later went to Charlotte FC and played there this year.


Data sheet
Name: Daniel Armando Ríos Calderón
Date of birth: February 22, 1995
Place of birth: Mexico City
Career: Chivas Sub 15, Tercera División, Sub 17, Sub 20, Second Premier Division (AP16), Guadalajara (Copa MX 2015), Coras (MX Ascenso CL16- CL17), Club Atlético Zacatepec (AP17), North Carolina FC (USL 2018), Nashville SC (USL 2019), Nashville SC (MLS 2020-21), Charlotte FC (MLS 2022)

Statistics in Copa MX:
– Games Played: 10
– Games as a starter: 5
– Minutes played: 525
– Goals: 4
– Reprimands: 1
– Expulsions: 0

Statistics in Ascent MX:
– Games Played: 38
– Games as a starter: 30
– Minutes played: 2,613
– Goals: 13
– Reprimands: 2
– Expulsions: 0

Statistics in the USL:
– Games Played: 64
– Minutes played: 4,873
– Goals: 41 – Assists: 6
– Reprimands: 5
– Expulsions: 0

Statistics in the MLS:
– Games Played: 60
– Headline Games: 28
– Minutes played: 2, 585
– Goals: 13
– Assists: 3
– Reprimands: 0
– Expulsions: 0

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