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“Case closed” is the popular Telemundo television program that quickly became a success, not only because of the extravagant and funny cases they presented, but also because of the leadership of Ana María Polo, better known as “Doctora Polo”.

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Since the program premiered on April 2, 2001, the Cuban-American lawyer has been able to win the affection of the public with her particular style, her strong statements and her way of judging the participants, giving the program a personal stamp.

Undoubtedly, “Doctor Polo” became one of the keys to the success of “Caso Cerrado” and her phrases were always marked in the memory of the audience. Although Ana María Polo became a public figure, the lawyer is usually very reserved with her private life, especially with her sentimental situation. Who is the partner of “Doctor Polo”?

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Ana María Polo, better known as “Doctor Polo”, has been characterized by being very reserved with her privacy (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)
Ana María Polo, better known as “Doctor Polo”, has been characterized by being very reserved with her privacy (Photo: Ana María Polo / Instagram)


Ana María Polo, better known as “Doctor Polo”, has been characterized by being very reserved with her privacy. Although she rose to fame as the host of the Telemundo program “Caso Cerrado” and became a public figure, the lawyer has always preferred to take her life away from the spotlight.

That is why their sentimental situation is usually a mystery. Does “Dr. Polo” currently have a partner? who is it? Various rumors indicate that the lawyer has a partner of the same sex.

Although there is nothing confirmed about these speculations, the Heraldo de México points out that some media already assure that the supposed girlfriend of Ana María Polo is Marlene Key and that the couple already have coexistence plans.

In this regard, on one occasion, Dr. Polo made her opinion about homosexuality very clear: “I don’t think anyone has to come out of any closet. I don’t think there is any obligation on anyone to leave. When do we see people say that they are straight? Asking someone to tell that they are gay is offensive. “

However, this is not the only rumor about the love life of Dr. Polo. There is another who points out that his best friend Frank Peñate is the lawyer’s partner. They have been seen in several photos very together and happy, but there is nothing confirmed about it either.

Ana María continues to be very reluctant to talk about her romantic situation, so everything remains a mystery to her fans and the media.


Ana María Polo began to appear on television on April 2, 2001, in her daily show Sala de couples, broadcast on Telemundo, where she solved various cases between couples as a referee. She is known for yelling at guests that they are disrespectful to her, someone else in court, or the law.

Polo does not act as a judge on the show, but as a referee who resolves disputes between the litigants, who come to the show voluntarily. The litigants sign irrevocable contracts before appearing on the show, committing to comply with the decision that Polo determines. These decisions are legally binding and can be enforced.

In the broadcast of Couples Room on September 11, 2002, the show was dedicated to the victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001. In that episode, Polo did not present any litigant couples. Instead, he chatted with relatives of some victims and sang a song dedicated to them towards the end of the show.

On April 14, 2005, his show was renamed Case Closed and the format was altered regarding the number of cases it can receive per show. As well as new sections were included within the show, where she helps educate the audience on a variety of law-related topics. Along with the new format, a song was created for the show, the lyrics of which were written by herself.

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