Medicine, Law and Economics, the most requested books in the municipal library

On National Book Day, the Directorate of Municipal Public Libraries, assured that the greatest opportunity that society can have with this tool is to know a new world in its day-to-day life.

Public libraries, a space to read, learn and discover the world.  (Andrés Lobato)

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Public libraries, a space to read, learn and discover the world. (Andrés Lobato)

That, he said, is the way to teach a child to love a book, because then his world will have no limits.

Currently the library located inside the Tampico City Hall is open from 08:00 to 20:00, Monday through Friday.

Site attended by an average of 40 users a day, the majority are young people, who request books on medicine, law and economics, said the director in charge María Eugenia Wong.

“On this day, we have the opportunity to reinforce and teach a child to love a book, because his world will have no limits,” he stressed.

He emphasized that as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, this place was closed, after the quota was limited, now they have running hours.

Currently, they support those students who do not have the opportunity to access technologies to take their classes online, and he recognized that basic education students are the ones who now go the least to the library.

“Under the trend, but we lend computer equipment to users who need to connect online for an hour,” he said.

This November 12 “National Book Day, was instituted by former president José López Portillo in 1979, as a way to honor the birth of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, defender of the right to read.

How many municipal libraries are there in Tampico?

The municipality of Tampico has six municipal public libraries; Jesús Quintana, in the Municipal Palace; Ana Elena Díaz Alejo, at the Unidep of Colonia Morelos.

Likewise, Isaura Calderón, in the House of Culture, and Cecilia Sanz de Ridaura, in the Infonavit neighborhood; Professor Elena Maldonado, North Zone delegation, and Enrique González Moreno, at Unidep, in Colonia La Borreguera.


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