Medicinal plant with anticancer properties. See what experts have found

A plant known as Kankur, belonging to the ginger family, is often used in Southeast Asia as a culinary spice or as a natural remedy for stomach pains. In addition, according to a group of researchers from Japan, Kenkur exhibits anti-cancer properties.

According to a study recently published in the journal Helion and conducted by researchers at Osaka Capital University, Japan, there is evidence to support the plant’s ability to fight cancer.

The main active substance found in Kenkur (scientifically known as “Kempferia galanga”) is ethyl p-methoxycinnamate (EMC). Researchers have conducted preclinical studies testing the extract of this plant in cultures of cancer cells and animals.

The results of the studies showed that the introduction of Kenkur extract slowed down the growth of cancer cells in cultures.

Previous research has shown that Kenkur extract may have anti-cancer properties. The hypothesis was that the plant reduces the expression of the mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM), which is associated with cancer cell proliferation.

Professor Akiko Kojima of Osaka Capital University, quoted by, stated that “The results of this study confirm the anti-cancer properties of Kenkur extract and its main component EMS. It is expected that TFAM will become a new indicator of anti-cancer effect in the future as research in this area develops.”

However, the exact mechanism by which Kenkur extract reduces TFAM expression is not yet fully known, and the researchers believe that further research will be required to identify the reasons for this action.

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