Mayrín Villanueva shows off her beautiful mother and yes, beauty runs in the family

Mayrín Villanueva he presumes his beautiful mother and yes, beauty runs in the family, because it is enough to see him next to her and her daughters to confirm the theory. The protagonist of “If they let us”He took advantage of these days of being with the family to show off the women in his life again.

After a few days of having returned to Mexican television with his most recent telenovela, Mayrín Villanueva has become the queen of rating, because just as it did in the United States, “If they let us”Is sweeping the audience.

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Although in the melodrama Mayrín Villanueva gives life to a woman who has been deceived and who must reorder her life, putting herself first, reality could not be further from fiction, as she is a very lucky woman.

This week he celebrated the 21st birthday of his eldest daughter, Romina Poza and taking advantage of family time, in her recent Instagram stories, the “I love Juan Querendón” and “A lucky family”Shared with his followers charming moments with the woman who gave him life.

Mayrín Villanueva shows off her beautiful mother and yes, beauty runs in the family.  Special

Mayrín Villanueva thanked life celebrating one more year to her mother.

Dolores Ulloa, Mayrín Villanueva’s mother She looked very happy blowing the candle on her birthday cake and although she is not very active on social networks, with a glance at her account we could see her surrounded by all her grandchildren and family, where she also contemplated the children of Eduardo Santamarina with Itatí Cantoral, confirming the great relationship that exists between everyone.

Mayrín Villanueva, lucky in love and grateful with life

Setting high the great example that her mother has given her about the importance of caring for a family and at the same time seeking her personal fulfillment, Mayrín Villanueva without a doubt he is going through one of the best stages of his life.

The conclusion of their most recent soap opera coincided with the end of her husband Eduardo Santamarina’s most recent project, so days ago, the couple made a trip to New York where they wasted honey, accompanied by one of the actor’s children who was his tour guide.

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Also, weeks ago Mayrín Villanueva was surprised with a surprise party for her 51st birthday in the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe region of Baja California, a place that has become one of her and her family’s favorites.

For now Mayrín Villanueva enjoys her recognition as one of the most beloved Mexican actresses after several years of experience and with a family of which she could not be more proud.

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