Max Verstappen is fined 50 thousand euros for touching Hamilton’s Mercedes

Max Verstappen touched the Mercedes in ‘closed park’ protocol and FIA decided a fine for the case

The FIA decided to sanction Max Verstappen with 50 thousand euros for touching the car of Lewis hamilton after the classification of the Brazilian Grand Prix, when the cars were in the ‘closed park’ protocol.

The Mercedes from Lewis hamilton he was investigated and punished because he violated the rules of measures that are marked for the DRS.

After qualifying, the pilot of Red bull analyze car number 44; pilot analyzed and touched his rival’s car.

“Considering the fact that no direct damage was caused in this case, in the opinion of the Commissioners, and that there is no prior precedent of sanctions for this … the Commissioners determine to take action in this case and order a fine of € 50,000”, reads the notice.

This is not the first time that a driver touches a rival car, but it is the first time that it was decided to sanction one, so it was sought to set a precedent.

“The Stewards also point out that it is intended that all teams and drivers realize that future infractions may incur different sanctions than those of the Stewards of those events.”

The Formula 1 investigated for more than 18 hours what happened with the Mercedes and they decided that it was this Saturday that they decided to give a verdict: disqualification for Hamilton from the qualifying session.

The British pilot was going to start the Sprint qualy (13:30 central Mexico). In previous cases for violation of technical regulations, the FIA ​​excluded the car in question from the session, which they maintained with the case of Hamilton who will start last this afternoon.

The Sprint Qualy is a mini race of 30 minutes or 100 km, whichever comes first, and which decides the starting position for the Grand Prix. Czech Pérez will start fourth – if everything stays the same.

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