Mauricio Dubón reveals the activities he will do on his return to Honduras and his sentimental memories


With loud applause, cameras on, and dozens of media present, Mauricio Dubon arrived at Honduras for the first time after conquering the World Series.

Three weeks after his historic achievement with the Houston Astrosthe 28-year-old baseball player returned to his home in San Pedro Sula, with the vacations over, to prepare for the next season in the spring of 2023.

The arrival of Dubón to Catracha lands is accompanied by a nice activity, the charity dinner on December 2 with the purpose of giving support to two Non-Governmental entities: the Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer and the Sisters of Jesus Good Samaritan Home.

To discuss his work in good faith, as well as other media concerns, the Major League Baseball player gave a press conference where he emphasized what he always does: getting where he is is not always.



What do you feel differently coming to Honduras now as a world champion?

“Nothing different because I return to the same place where I grew up. It is very nice to have all the cameras focused on me and take advantage of them for something good like the charity dinner where we will collect the most we have achieved. The best thing that has brought me (winning) the World Series It’s that I can help people.”

Message people to attend the event

“Let them go because when I grew up I never saw activities like this and since I like to help, I take advantage of giving this message while being in front of the cameras and microphones. 100% of the profits will go to the two foundations. It will be a forgettable night since, although most people don’t know, several figures will arrive, there will be shows and good music”.

The children of Honduras no longer want to be like the great figures of the MLB, but Mauricio Dubón.

“It’s incredible because growing up I never had that image of who to follow. Now I have this responsibility where the kids see me perform on and off the field, as well as do events like the benefit dinner, where I teach how to take advantage of one’s position to do good things. The mission has always been to try to help baseball in the country more and more now that things are going the way you want, so dinner is just the beginning. Let the children see that I achieved it by leaving the place where they are; it’s difficult but not impossible”.

future goals

“My challenges are to continue doing the same, to stay healthy because that is essential for me in this sport. For the young people of Honduras who dream of playing in the Major Leagues, thank God that they see me now and know that it is not impossible. Never give up. This seems like a dream, and I dreamed of this and I knew that I could achieve it.

sentimental memories

“When I am on the field of play, the memories of when I lived in Colvisula and I used to go by bus to La Lima to train, sometimes I went alone and some people laughed about it, but I knew it would work. God has put me in this position so that I can help people like with dinner.

After training, I saved money from food, 10 lempiras, to buy churros and fresh food and I didn’t eat dinner at home since it was full (laughs). I cried about it when I won the World Series because it all worked out. I don’t forget all my childhood memories.

The family that adopted me in the United States have my respect, they are my mom and dad, they even went to the World Series. Thank you for the support you gave me, you taught me to help people and it is reflecting right now. We try to take advantage of this moment to help more than five thousand people between the two foundations.”

Where will you be during your time in Honduras?

“I come to train because the vacations have already been taken. I will spend time with family, in the fields, the places where he has always gone. Where they will be able to see how I am and enjoying myself, it will be at the charity dinner”.

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