Masria’s actions to prevent neighbor’s home from being renovated angered builders


Masria, the woman from Sidoarjo who sprinkled faeces on the house of her neighbor Vivik Winarti, was acting up again. This time, Masria obstructed the renovation process of Vivic’s house, which created difficulties for the builders.

It is suspected that Masria deliberately erected a series of obstacles in front of the fence of her house, which is the only wide access to Masria’s house. As a result, self-pickup with materials for the repair of Vivic’s house could not pass. During the two days of repairs to Vivic’s house, a pickup truck loading material was able to drive into Vivic’s house, but as of Tuesday (August 22), a pickup truck can no longer pass in front of Masria’s house as it is blocked by 2 bricks firmly cemented in front of a yellow fence belonging to Masria.

As a result, the workers had to manually carry materials from the pickup truck to Vivic’s house. This happened because the pickup truck carrying the materials couldn’t get into Vivic’s house.

Sujianto (26), one of the builders, admitted that his fellow builders were themselves annoyed. However, he also had to bury that feeling. He thought, most importantly, that the renovation work on the house would soon be completed. Sujianto explained that he was afraid that the work would not be completed according to the predetermined schedule. This is due to the fact that the renovation of Vivic’s house is scheduled to be completed in two weeks.

“Yes, in fact we are annoyed and frustrated because we need other workers to carry the material,” said Sugianto. kid east javaWednesday (08/29/2023).

Rudy (41) said the same. He admitted that he did not know that the owner of the renovated house had a dispute with a close neighbor. He only found out about it when the material vehicles could not enter because the access road narrowed.

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