Marzhe Ponce de León, the number 1 fan of Chivas and star of OnlyFans

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Find out who Marzhe Ponce de León is, the OnlyFans model who is the number 1 fan of Chivas and considered the talisman of the Sacred Flock.

Marzhe Ponce de León, the model of OnlyFans fan number 1 of Chivas
© Instagram @marzheMarzhe Ponce de León, the model of OnlyFans fan number 1 of Chivas

The Internet has introduced us to various influencersranging from those dedicated to make-uplifestyle, music and nothing more, but also there are some who have risen to fame for their love of soccersuch as Marzhe Ponce de León, the number one fan of the Chivas del Guadalajara of Liga MXcompetition in Onlyfans of Jailyne Ojeda, another heartfelt follower of the Sacred Flock.

The OnlyFans platform has become a very tempting platform for the sports worldsince the portal has been joined by famous television hosts such as Virginia Ramírez, faithful fan of the Tigers, Paulina Trejo ‘Pawis’ fan of Eagles of America And till athletes of all disciplinessince motoring, volleyball, tennis, soccer, Martial Arts and more.

Marzhe Ponce de León has named himself the talisman of the Sacred Flock and has become popular on social networks after sharing various photos and videos wearing Chivas shirtwhich has also added a long list of subscribers on OnlyFans.

Who is Marzhe Ponce de León, Chivas’ number 1 fan OnlyFans model?

The Mexican influencer was born in Michoacán on September 21, 2001so that He is 20 years old and it is a sign Virgo. She is a specialist in regenerative nutrition and is vegan.

The young woman from Michoacán is a lover of tattoos and proudly wears them on her skin. He is also a star in social networks, just on Instagram he has almost half a million followers, where in addition to showing off her figure, she shares exercise routines, mainly with red and white outfits; Meanwhile in his Twitter account has almost 800 thousand followers. His OnlyFans account is one of the most popular, mainly among Chivas fans.

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