Marvel’s calendar for 2023

For Marvelphase 5 would be the last before the remodeling that will be proposed in the future by the hand of Kevin Feige. Despite the fact that 2020 to 2022 were the years with the most titles to come from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the performance in terms of criticism was not as expected. For this reason, everything indicates that the number of productions will drop considerably in the future, to prioritize quality over quantity. For now, we tell you everything that will arrive in 2023.

+The Marvel movies of 2023

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

In mid-February next year, the third film of paul rudd What ant man. This time they will take us to the quantum realm, where the Kang from Jonathan Majors (whom we met in Loki). Peyton Reed will once again sit in the director’s chair for this story that will open Phase 5 and lay the groundwork for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. In addition, we are expected to see for the first time MODOK.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

With James Gunn once more to the front (perhaps at his farewell now that he is working for DC), this third story of the guardians of the galaxy. When? May 5. It will be the farewell for this team of antiheroes commanded by Peter Quill and we are expected to see at least one major character lose their life. In this case, we will see how the origin of rocket but little else is known of its plot.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

In this case, it is a production that does not connect directly with the mcu but that would have cameos from Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield. The sequel to Into the Spider-Verse will be led by Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin Thompson. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and Peter B. Parker will headline the story again, which this time will be set primarily in the universe of Gwen Stacy. the stain He will be the main villain of the story.

The Marvels

Returning to the launches of the mcuthis story that arrives at the end of July 2023 will bring together kamala khan, Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeauin a new adventure. Nia DaCosta will lead the project. From what was seen in ms marvelthe trigger of the story will be the exchange of places between Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel created by the bracelet kamala. In addition, it is expected to be the story that anticipates the arrival of secret invasion.

Kraven the Hunter

In October next year, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will return to Marvel although I don’t eat quicksilver. In this case, it will be to give life to one of the characters whose image rights belong to sony pictures and it is not known if there will be a connection with the mcu. He will be the third villain of spider-man in having a movie, after Morbius and Venom.In terms of story, details are not yet known but a cameo is expected from some Peter Parker.

+The Marvel series that arrive in 2023

Marvel’s What If…? S02

The second season of this great animated series of Marvel It still does not have a confirmed release date but it is expected to be in early 2023. Once again we will see stories focused on the franchise’s superheroes with a little twist. Until now, it is not known which characters will be the main ones.

secret invasion

In the second quarter of 2023 we will see reaching Disney+ this production that will feature Samuel L Jackson as the protagonist and will introduce Emily Clarke to the mcu. In this case, we will see several Skrulls infiltrate Planet Earth, in a mission that will be affected by an attack that will affect this world.

Threw out

For this title we will have to wait until the second semester. We will see once again in action the character whom Alaqua Cox brought him to life in the first installment of hawkeye. The little that is known is that it will continue the story of the series of Jeremy Renner and show us maya lopez returning to Oklahoma, where he will have to make friends with his native roots and make friends with his community.

Loki S02

the first series live action to have a second season will arrive in the second semester and will show us again Tom Hiddleston What Loki. Will it be your farewell? We do not know. Regarding the plot, it is still not clear what we will see, after sylvie will abandon Loki in one of the universes and absolute chaos will begin in the multiverse.


The series of the character who debuted in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will debut in Disney+ in the second semester. It will be made up of a total of six chapters and it is to be expected that it will be crossed by what we saw in the last movie of Phase 4 of the mcu.

X Men ’97

26 years after one of the best superhero animated series ended, we will see the mutants in action again. It will be the first production of X Men developed by Disneyafter having acquired the studies fox. It is expected to arrive between September and November.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos

The end of 2023 will mark the return of Kathryn Hahn to the mcu after his great debut in WandaVision. As we remember, Wanda left her trapped in west viewso it is likely that we will see how he manages to escape and cause chaos in the world again.

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