Marks Stars Trouble as Dominicans Beat Angola in Chaotic Battle – Basketball –

Dominican team leader Carl Anthony Towns collected three notes in the first few minutes, stayed on the bench for the rest of the half, and saved them for the next act of the fight. On the other hand, the Angolan leader Bruno Fernand he was fouled in the second quarter during Antonio Peña’s three-pointer when the Atlanta Hawks center landed on an opponent’s foot and sprained his ankle.

In sports basketball, the Dominicans used attacking opportunities a little more successfully, the advantage of which at one moment reached 15 points (28:13). The Africans did not let go of the Dominican Republic team, which played without losses, since one of the strongest teams in the American zone went on a break from +5 (37:32).

Towns opened the second half with an accurate long-range shot but soon called his fourth foul as he was sent off again. Fernando also returned to the fight, but he also had four points and was forced to rest until the final quarter.

Without the participation of the brightest stars, the fight became more and more chaotic, the Angolans used the situation to their advantage, fighting back and taking the lead for the first time since the first minutes (50:47).

Angola star Francisco scored a close-fifth point while Towns fought more cautiously, avoiding a shutdown and helping the Dominican make a decisive ten-point run at the end, from 65-65 to 75-65.

The Angola national team disappointed with the accuracy of long-range shots and penalties. The Africans hit 2 out of 21 and 15 out of 28, respectively. True, the Dominicans also made triples with poor accuracy, scoring five out of 25.

Scored 17 points (6/7 field goals, 4/4 free throws) and grabbed six rebounds for the winners. Andres Felice. 13 points (3/8 field goals, 5/5 free throws) and eight rebounds. Victor Lis.

The Angola national team most often took the initiative Silvio de Souzawith 19 points (8/13 field goals, 3/5 free throws) and nine rebounds.

In the second round, Dominican basketball players will compete with the two strongest teams in subgroup B (Serbia, Puerto Rico, South Sudan, China).

Angola – Dominican Republic 67:75 (11:20, 21:17, 18:12, 17:26)
Angola: de Souza 19 (9 rebounds), Fernando 13 (5 points), Dominguez 12 (4 points), Bangu 11 (8 points, 4 points), Dundau 9 (7 points), Coquila 2 (6 rebounds), Gonçalves 1, Francisco , Monteiro, Fernandes, Makunda, Paulo.
Dominican Republic: Felice 17 (6 rebounds), Liss 13 (8 rebounds), Delgado 8 (5 rebounds), Towns 8 (4 rebounds), Quinones 7, Solano 6 (4 rebounds), Peña 5, Montero 4, Vargas 3 (4 rebounds) , Mendoza 2, Figueroa 2.

Group A

IN Team TO +/-
1. Dominican Republic 3-0 +19
2. Italy 1-1 +9
3. Angola 1-2 -12
4. Philippines 0-2 -16

Fifth day of the World Cup.

Group Time A game Result
A (Quezon City) 11.00 am Angola – Dominican Republic 67:75
15.00 Philippines – Italy
D (passing) 11.45 Egypt – Mexico 100:72
15.30 Montenegro – Lithuania
E (Okinawa) 10.30 Germany – Finland 101:75
14.10 Australia – Japan
HOUR (Jakarta) 12:45 Lebanon – France
16.30 Canada – Latvia

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