Marilyn Monroe revives 60 years after her alleged suicide thanks to Ana de Armas

At 4:45 a.m. on July 4, 1962 Marilyn Monroe, the most emblematic “sex symbol” of world cinema, was found in her bed, completely naked, lifeless. The medical opinion is that she died as a result of acute barbiturate intoxication. Suicide? Conspiracy to murder her? It will never be known. The writer Norman Mailer, author of a biography about her star, of whom he was very close to her and advised her to enter the Actor’s Studio in New York, left in the air the possibility that she could be eliminated . Why? Consequence of being a “state affair” as a result of the fact that her relationship with the President was made public John F. Kennedy and later with his brother Robert, Attorney General of the United States. Apparently, in the White House they feared that both had been able to “go out of their way” and share some secrets with their lover.

There is research that places Robert Kennedy present in the house where Marilyn lived, just the day she was found dead. Could this have been the last person who was in the bed of the star, before she died? All these unknowns will probably never be resolved, since there have been many investigations of the case carried out not only by members of the North American justice system, but also by journalists, writers who have published an enormous amount of material to reach this conclusion: the death of the most revered Hollywood will continue to be an unfathomable mystery. Delving into her life, her loves and her films, a production by the multinational will premiere on September 23 Netflix starring the Cuban, resident for a few years in Madrid, Anne of Arms, with sex scenes so explicit that, at the time of editing the film, they have caused discrepancies to make them known or not, and for today we do not know if they have been censored. Expectation to check it, it exists.

The title of the tape is Blondeie blonde. A great opportunity for the Hispanic actress, who jumped into the tabloid press for her romance in 2020 with the attractive heartthrob Ben Affleck, after being a couple in the film deep water, from which they fell passionately in love. But Ben already had a sentimental past, father of three children, and Ana de Armas, despite her fiery relationship with him, thought better of it, leaving him in 2021 after living together for a long time, which happened as soon as that year began. in January. Ben took it philosophically and soon retaliated by returning to the arms of Jennifer Lopez, with whom he married in Las Vegas in the middle of this past July. Ana de Armas had achieved, from being an absolute unknown to the American public, a beauty to be taken into account for future casts. As for love, she also quickly found Ben Affleck’s replacement, an executive named Paul Boukadakis, with whom she lives in New York.

We consider it unnecessary, and furthermore it would be beyond the scope of this article, to go over the biography of Norma Jeane Mortenson, which was Marilyn Monroe’s real name. We stop at her unfortunate sentimental life, which began when she was a child who was a victim of sexual abuse. She was only sixteen years old when, to get out of going to an orphanage, she agreed to marry a neighbor, Los Angeles police officer James Dougherty, in 1942. Shortly after their wedding, he joined the United States Navy, leaving her alone. When her husband returned, it is speculated that she had had several affairs with men that left no trace, but left desolation and sadness. The divorce occurred in 1946.

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One of those almost unknown relationships was with an obscure film director, Robert Slatzar, who claimed to have been married to her, although only a week. Fact that could never be evidenced. Yes, one day the ace of American baseball came to Marilyn’s heart, Joe DiMaggio, the star of the New York Yankees. He was madly in love with the actress, with whom in reality he only stayed nine months after marrying in 1954. Very jealous, this baseball idol ended up divorcing because he sulked seeing her kiss other men on the set, or scantily clad, showing off her shapely body legs like Temptation lives above. So in 1955, Marilyn Monroe she was single again, desired by millions of men around the world. At that time, the first photographer she had, AndrĂ© de Dienes, ended up in her arms. It was difficult not to fall into the love nets of her diva seeing her naked through the camera.

When Marilyn met the writer Arthur Miller, brilliant Pulitzer Prize winner and renowned playwright, in 1951, he had the feeling of meeting a different man from those he had met. Not only physically, with that somewhat hieratic look, with horn-rimmed glasses that gave him a professorial air. They met again on different occasions until he went crazy for her and decided to get married in 1956. That union lasted five years between a woman as naive as she was bursts of intelligence, but with hardly any culture, when he tried to become a kind of Pygmalion for the actress. . Which he never got. She would serve as inspiration for one of his best comedies: after the fall. I perfectly remember its premiere at the Madrid Goya theater long since disappeared with Marisa de Leza as the lead, impeccably directed by Adolfo Marsillach. The life of that marriage ended in disaster. One day, Marilyn was tempted to read Arthur Miller’s diary, where he discovered that he stated how fed up he already felt by his side, ashamed of how much the star did and said in public. It was the beginning of the end for that unlikely couple. They divorced in 1961. He immediately became romantically linked with the great photographer Inge Morat, and she only had a year to live.

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list of lovers Marilyn Monroe, if it were known for sure, it would have given for a “best-seller”. We do know, however, some important men with whom she slept. Marlon Brando he was one of them, and when the romance ended they remained very close friends. Elia Kazan, the brilliant but controversial director who was accused of denouncing the investigative commission of the communists infiltrated in the Hollywood film world, the so-called “witch hunt” in the early 1950s, spent a year enjoying himself next to a of your favorite stars. Y Tony Curtishis partner in Whit skirts and being crazy, was also her lover for quite some time. Marilyn became pregnant, but she lost the baby. He recounted in her memoirs that he met with Marilyn at her request, and with Arthur Miller, who was already her husband. A vaudeville scene in which the writer found out that his wife had been sleeping with Curtis. This one, when he was in Madrid, told me that he remembered her the bad times he and Jack Lemmon spent every day in the filming studios waiting for her two and three hours, until she appeared, albeit splendid, with her dizzying anatomy . And another heartthrob that Monroe went crazy for for a few months was the Italian-French Yves Montandwhen they were a couple in the billionaire. He almost divorced Simone Signoret, his charming wife and his excellent actress, in the face of constant harassment from Marilyn. The film was a fiasco but it left a sentimental mark on Montand due to the long-time memory of the blonde, explosive lover of his, who ended up exhausted in bed after their ardent nights of passion.

In 1961 Marilyn shot what was to be her farewell to the screen: rebellious lives. It so happens that Arthur Miller took a large part in the script, shortly before saying goodbye. She upset the protagonist of that film, the veteran and patient Clark Cable, with her absences from the studio, his whims. And shortly after finishing that shoot, the unforgettable actor left this world. His heart had been too upset because of Marilyn.

We do not forget Frank Sinatra, who loved Marilyn as many times as he loved, with whom he mounted, according to gossip, the occasional orgy, which was joined by Sammy Davis Jr and some other member of the clan. In that framework of the Mafia, with which Frankie flirted, Monroe was a dangerous woman. John F. Kennedy wanted to meet her and to get it he turned to his brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford. The first date took place on March 24, 1962 in a discreet place: the mansion that Bing Crosby had in Palm Spring, and made available to the couple. Sinatra got pissed off I’ll wait for you here, because he hoped that this sexual encounter would take place in his villa near Crosby’s. After all, “The Voice” boasted of having campaigned in the presidential elections that gave John the majority. But he was suspicious of the interpreter of “My Way”, especially because his brother Robert reminded him of the relationship that he presumably had with Cosa Nostra bosses. It has been speculated if there were later more meetings of the couple in privacy. For John there would have been no problem; Jacqueline was already used to the dalliances of her powerful husband. Arrived on May 19 of that same fateful year for the star, on the occasion of a birthday party for the tenant of the White House held in the crowded Madison Square Garden in New York, Marilyn Monroe, with a somewhat muffled but sensual voice, dressed in a fascinating and tight sequined model, sang his already famous “Happy birthay Mr. President”, between the feverish applause of the Democratic turnout and the broad smile of the recipient of that sung congratulations.

The last times of Marilyn Monroe continued, apart from his cinematographic activity, in the hands of doctors, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, who they never finished curing her. She was a patient rebel, riddled with drugs, pills and alcohol at all hours. She had already visited detoxification clinics, sanitariums to cure her early dementia. She until she arrived on that dramatic early morning of August 4, 1962. She was buried in Los Angeles’ Westwood Village Memorial Cemetery. Place of constant pilgrimage of admirers and curious, tourists in general who are photographed before her tomb.

When it comes out in a month Blonde, the myth of Marilyn Monroe will grow again.

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