Maribel Guardia: 7 times in which the actress drew sighs with mini dresses in 2022

Maribel Guardia She is one of the most beloved actresses in show business, because with her talent and sympathy He won the hearts of the public in Mexico through television and now on social networks he has conquered by becoming a fashion reference for his unique style with which he boasts the enviable figure who owns his 63 years.

The actress expressed her interest in reflectors from an early age and at just 19 years old she showed her talent on the catwalks by representing her native Costa Rica. Her beauty and figure immediately led to her success and she participated in Miss Universe in 1978 when she performed in acapulcoGuerrero, where she caught the attention of an important producer who motivated her to follow her dream as an actress.

Red mini dress by Maribel Guardia. Photo: IG @maribelguardia

She studied acting, dancing and singing that later opened the doors to important projects and among them one for which she would have to move to Mexico, without a doubt the decision is among the most difficult for the actress but the one that led her directly to the fame since he debuted with the film “There are no two like Mexico” together with great actors such as Vicente Fernández, Adalberto Martínez “Resortes”, Roberto “El Flaco” Guzmán and Héctor Suárez.

Maribel Guardia’s outfits

He shone in file movies thanks to his enviable physique with which she continues to teach elegance and style, because through social networks she shares some of her looks with which she inspires her more than 7 million followers on Instagram alone. Among the favorites of Internet users are those with tiny dresses as they allow you to show off your turned figure.

Elegant mini dress by Maribel Guardia. Photo: IG @maribelguardia

Winter has not been an obstacle for the actress of “Crown of tears” delight the pupil of her fans, because for her Christmas looks with a mini dress she opts for tall velvet boots or leather with which it adds a touch of elegance without neglecting the sensuality that characterizes it so much. Also, much of her outfits are glittery and Christmas is the best season to take it to another level.

The dark tones stand out among the favorites of celebrities to wear their best looks during the December’s holidayssomething that Maribel Guardia and her purple mini dress with latex boots, he was showered with praise on social networks. “She looks very good in figure” and “How pretty she looks, she is beautiful and looks like a doll”, were some of the comments.

Maribel Guardia shows off her figure with a purple mini dress. Photo: IG @maribelguardia
Maribel Guardia combines a mini dress with velvet boots. Photo: IG @maribelguardia

Colorful looks and Barbie style

Although glamor is part of the actress’s outfits, she does not hesitate to join some of the best trends and make them her own to add a fun Touch, this without losing his already characteristic style with which he wastes sensuality. Vibrant tones bring risk to her looks and, therefore, she took it to another level with a perfect design to outline her figure.

During 2022 the trend “barbiecore” seized Hollywood celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox, so it didn’t take long for her to arrive in Mexico with her looks in completely pink tones that are inspired by the famous doll with the same name.

Colorful mini dress by Maribel Guardia. Photo: IG @maribelguardia

Maribel Guardia She was one of the celebrities who wore her figure with looks in pink, as it provides a romantic and girly appearance. Among the favorite mini dresses of her fans on Instagram, the one that she combined with matching transparent sneakers stands out, it consists of a tight garment with which she wore her hair with volume and waves, perfect to capture the eyes.

Barbie style look by Maribel Guardia. Photo: IG @maribelguardia
Maribel Guardia poses with a pink mini dress. Photo: IG @maribelguardia


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