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adaptations to live action of our favorite cartoons are the order of the day, and one of the requests from the fans that has sounded the most is the “Thundercats”and an illustrator decided to fulfill this dream and showed a small preview of what some actors would look like if they were signed for the project.

His name is samukartsand through their social networks has shared how it would be, for him, the perfect casting for one of the most popular animated series of the eighties, where he includes margot robbie What cheetah Already henry cavill What Lion-O.

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It all started when, just last year, it was announced that adam wingarddirector of “Godzilla vs. kong” would be in charge of directing the live action of the group of humanoid felines that used futuristic technology.

Given this, samukarts decided to give us a little taste and has designed Cavill as Lion-O, Andy Serkis as Mumm-Ra and Walker Scobell like WilyKat.

Furthermore, it has been imagined McKenna Grace like WilyKit, omar sy like Panther, Alexander Ludwig as Tigro and Snarf as a character CGI. And it has certainly shown that, although it is preparing to be Barbie, margot robbie would be the perfect choice to be cheetah.

What is “Thundercats” about?

The cartoon series, with traces of the american comic and the japanese mangafocuses on the adventures of a group of noble Thunderian warriors, whose mission was to protect the heir to the throne of Thundera (Lion-O) and the Sword of Omens, in whose hilt was the Eye of Thundera (the source of Thundera’s powers). the ThunderCats).

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It was released on January 23, 1985 and is based on the characters created by Theodore Walter “Tobin” Wolf; directed by the Japanese Katsuhito Akiyama. The writer was Leonard Starr.

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