Managing mental health in companies, key to improving workplace well-being

Managing mental health in companies, key to improving workplace well-being

Managing mental health in companies, key to improving workplace well-being

Solutia Global Health Solutions, with the participation of Asepeyo and Cigna Spain, has released the main conclusions of the ‘III Observatory on Healthy Work Environment’, which aims to analyze good business practices in occupational health, as well as identify those areas that should be reinforced. One of the most striking conclusions is that 46% of companies have not carried out a psychosocial risk assessment and, if they do, it is not accompanied by a specific action plan. This percentage is 6 points higher than the analysis carried out in 2020.

In this sense, Elena Luengo, Director of Innovation at Cigna Espaa, has highlighted the important role that mental well-being has in order to be a resilient workforce and has added that “Now more than ever, it is essential to bear in mind that the ability to adapt and to overcome difficulties or to rebuild are skills that give companies competitive advantages when facing situations that generate fear or frustration, turning every moment into an opportunity to increase”. Thus, “The implementation of tools that help to take care of the mental health of the staff is essential so that they become aware of their emotions and learn to manage negative aspects such as anxiety or stress, especially in crisis situations”.

The III Observatory on a Healthy Workplace Environment has also highlighted thatl 80% of the companies surveyed consider it positive to implement healthy activities in the company and, the same percentage, affirms to carry them out at the moment. These actions include expanded medical examinations, campaigns to promote healthy habits, and vaccination campaigns. For their part, physical activity and mental health programs, and aging programs, are the activities that are promoted to a lesser extent. For Csar Castel, managing partner of Solutia Global Health Solutions, “The commitment of the management and the participation of health workers and personal resources are the areas that continue to require further development. Covid-19 has been a brake for many companies because it has forced to paralyze the start-up or continuity of all, or most, of health resources. However, it is also relevant how many of the activities that until now were face-to-face have been adapted to virtual formats. Finally, I would like to emphasize the positive fact that almost 40% of the companies surveyed claim to have sensitized or trained workers in resources to promote emotional well-being and reduce the impact on mental health “.

Likewise, during the conference other conclusions were presented, such as the need for commitment from the company management to promote the implementation of any healthy company policy. This variable continues to be one of the difficulties of Spanish companies, since, of all the measures, it is the second with the lowest average score. Such is so that the Dra. Mara Dulce Puget, Director of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Diseases of Asepeyo, has analyzed the state of mental health in the workplace and has emphasized that “there is no health without mental health, so it is necessary to implement a comprehensive strategy for the promotion and prevention of mental health, both in companies and in community services “.

The main conclusions of the ‘III Observatory on a Healthy Work Environment’ They were presented today in an online meeting, moderated by Elena Luengo, Director of Innovation at Cigna Espaa, with the participation of Csar Castel, managing partner of Solutia Global Health Solutions; Irene Aguilar, Senior Consultant at Solutia GHS; Dulce Puget, director of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Diseases at Asepeyo, and Silvia Picn, psychologist at Solutia GHS and advisor and supervisor in areas of Mental Health care.

Solutia Global Health Solutions also wanted to take advantage of the meeting to announce the winners of the ‘II Solutia Healthy Company Award’, which aims to recognize the trajectory and effort of Spanish companies in their management and level of performance in the care and promotion of workers’ health. In this second edition, the award-winning companies were Medical Precision Implants, in the small company category, Fundacin AZTI, in the medium-sized company category, and Henkel Ibrica SA, in the large company category. For their part, they have received a special mention Inter Partner Assistance Servicios, SA and ISDIN in the large company.

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