Man kills his stepson in an incident recorded in Las Marías

A man died this morning, Thursday, at the hands of his stepfather after defending his wife while she was threatened by her son with a gun that he snatched from her in a confusing incident recorded at the Machabuca farm in the municipality of Las Marías.

According to the preliminary report issued by the Command of Mayagüez of the Police Bureau, Ulysses Glen Richards, 20, a resident of Washington state, broke the door of the residence of the injured, 51, while she was bathing. The woman has a protection order against her son.

Upon noticing Richards’ entry, the injured woman searched for a firearm, for which she has a valid license, as well as her cell phone. However, Richards allegedly snatched both her firearm and her cell phone and began threatening her.

The Police added that Richards was under an arrest warrant for threats and for violating the provisions of a protection order., although it was not specified if it was the protection order issued in favor of his mother or if it was another order.

The spouse of the injured, Manuel Lopez Santacruz (40 years old), observed Richards through the security cameras and, seeing him armed, looked for his shotgun, a weapon for which he has a valid license. López Santacruz asked Richards to leave, but the man allegedly ignored the warning and pointed the firearm at López Santacruz, causing the man to shoot and wound Richards in the area of ​​the groin.

Richards was transported to the Mayagüez Medical Center, but died from the wound he received.

Agents of the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Mayagüez is in charge of the investigation.

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