Man in Street Situation Is Run Over by Truck in Mazatlán

The unfortunate events of the accident occurred in the Santa Fe subdivision, which is located south of Mazatlán

The news emerged that the tire of an urban truck crushed the left foot of a man in a street situation, suffering a severe injury with a probable fracture.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon on Avenida del Toro, in the Santa Fe subdivision, which is located south of Mazatlán. Some pedestrians noticed the accident and immediately called emergency numbers.

The citizens requested first aid support for the man who was lying on the sidewalk with his foot seriously injured and caused an impact among those who circulated there.

Immediately, the security and medical services authorities arrived at the scene and responded by providing first aid for the young man in the street who was injured in the left foot.

The Veteran Firefighters who are based in the El Castillo community, near the Santa Fe subdivision, quickly attended to the homeless man, observing what was suffering from his mental faculties, for which they did not provide his name or the place where he lives.

People who saw the accident told health personnel that the truck tire crushed the foot of the man who appears sitting in the image.

It is worth mentioning that at the scene of the accident there was no truck taking responsibility for the incident, but everything indicates that urban transport has a service route in that subdivision.

On the other hand, the man was transferred to the emergency room of the Mazatlán general hospital for more specialized care, since apparently his left foot was affected after running the tire over him.

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