Make this change when you go for a walk to burn more calories

If there is a physical activity that we do practically daily and from which we can get much more out of it, that is undoubtedly a walk. Either because you have to go to work and you move a part of the way on foot, or because you like hiking and want to do sports while walking along paths with beautiful landscapes, or for any other reason … in all areas you can improve the pace we take to burn more calories.

According to Alejandro Lucía, doctor of Medicine and Professor of Exercise Physiology, “the ideal thing for a person would be to walk two hours a day. We have mistranslated the message, it seems that there is a limit. It is not true that you have to moderate the exercise. Walking two hours is healthier than walking one ”, in statements to EfeSalud.

However, there are also studies that show that with just half an hour of walking, a 70 kg person can lose 175 calories. But in itself, let’s walk more or less, the important thing is to walk and move to keep our body away from sedentary life.

Add intervals to the walk

What does the term refer to intervals? It is easy, in your walk little by little you see training at different rates. For example, you can start walking with a low or moderate intensity and every two minutes start walking as fast as possible for about 30 seconds. It has been shown in various studies that, if you do high intensity intervals during your walk, the burning of calories is significantly increased.

This you have to repeat throughout your walk. If you see that little by little you manage to hold these intervals without problem, you simply see the intensity of the races increasing and lengthening them over time. This faster loss of calories is due to the fact that we are moving our body away from the comfort zone, so that we continue to burn calories until after we have finished walking thanks to the “excessive oxygen consumption” effect that occurs when the body returns to a state of rest.

The idea of ​​intervals is supported by a study published in the journal “Physiological reports” in 2013. In this study, it was explained that the application of short periods of exercises at higher intensity increased the calories we burned. To get an idea, an athlete can burn up to 200 calories in just 2 and a half minutes by entering these intervals.

And if we also want to add to our walks exercises of strength or endurance, the calorie burn we will achieve will be even faster. To give an example, we can add a kilo or two of weight to our arms or raise them above the head. This way you will add strength and endurance to your walks and help you lose calories more effectively.

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