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Exotic face, slender figure, Maggie Q is a model and actress, who has achieved great popularity above all thanks to the television series of which “Nikita”, of which she was the absolute protagonist, and “Designated Successor” are a good example.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1979, the data could mislead, because her very personal features of an oriental type come from a singular miscegenation, since her father has Polish and Irish ancestors, while her mother is Vietnamese. Precisely her parents met in Vietnam, the place where he was assigned, in the midst of a war, love in times of war. She is the youngest of five siblings, two from her mother’s previous marriage. Although very feminine, she claims that she liked playing with robots like C3PO more than Barbie dolls.

With her real name Margaret Denise Quigley, Maggie Q would adopt it in Hong Kong –it was difficult for them to pronounce “Quigley” there, although anyone would say that Q was a Bondian name that foreshadowed her action roles–, when she had embarked on a modeling career, thanks to his spectacular physique, cultivated with his love of cross-country running and swimming, which earned him a scholarship to study at a private university.

Although he enrolled in veterinary medicine, his studies did not materialize, in part due to the family situation that was not very comfortable economically, which forced him to earn a living on his own, leaving at the age of 17 for Japan, Taiwan and then Hong Kong. In any case, her love for animals was well engraved: she is not only a vegetarian, but through PETA she advocates for her protection, involved in numerous campaigns of the association.

Her photogenicity and a rising modeling career allowed her to try her luck on the screen as an actress, despite lacking any experience in this regard. It was Jackie Chan, a specialist in action and martial arts movies, who bet on Maggie’s qualities, which could work well on screen. So in 2001 she was glimpsed in rush hour 2 and in 2004 in Around the World in 80 Days. And it is that before the popular actor had seen her in Hong Kong, because she had appeared in the popular series House of Dragonsand in the thriller lethal experiment; and without knowing Cantonese, he had to say his sentences by learning them phonetically. Furthermore, despite her good physical shape, she confessed to having no idea of ​​martial arts, and she claimed to lack elasticity, but the important thing was to have determination and be willing to work hard.

It could have been relegated to brief exotic roles, even if it was in flashy franchises, it is not anything to work in a film with Tom Cruise, Impossible Mission III (2006) and BruceWillis, jungle 4.0 (2007). But the translation of the character of Nikita from the French Luc Besson to the Anglo-Saxon world allowed her to play the lethal assassin for four seasons, between 2010 and 2013. That was a steady job, and while she could always continue with small supporting roles in minor films, such as God’s assassin.

He was not the main character, far from it, but being a fixed character in the youth dystopian saga Divergent with its aftermath Insurgent Y Loyal (2014, 2015 and 2016) was a hoot, his career was consolidated. And the TV kept knocking on her door, because she was perfect as a skinny action character, so she did stalker –police series about stalkers in which she met her husband, also an actor Dylan McDermott– and above all designated successorwhere she is an FBI agent investigating the conspiracy that has liquidated the president of the United States and the entire leadership in a terrorist attack that took place on Capitol Hill.

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