Madonna boasts a tender PHOTO of her dad, when he was a teenager; they are identical

Madonna She was for several decades the most important pop artist in the world. Her daring lyrics and videos made her enter the taste of millions of people who were waiting impatiently for her new hits. And even though he’s been in show business for more than four decades, he’s still a huge star.

But it is not only when he premieres a new material or has a new production that he becomes notorious. Also when he makes a post on social networks, he is full of likes, positive comments and a lot of fame. This is what happened in this case, with a story in his profile of Instagram.

Madonna put a photograph of his father, Silvio Ciccone when I was a teenager. In their stories of Instagram He talked about the vineyard he has today and how, despite his age, he can still do what he likes. but he also took the opportunity to remember when he was a teenager. In the image you can see the resemblance he has with Madonna when he began to know each other in music.

Madonna remembered her father when she was a teenager
PHOTO: Instagram

Madonna and her love for Latin America

Since I was a little girl, the little one Madonna Louise felt a great admiration and interest in the culture of Latin America and among the icons with whom she most identified was with the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. And it is not something related to the blackberry, at the beginning of the eighties, when he already had enough money to afford some luxuries, he acquired a work by the artist.

In the mid-nineties, in an interview with a fashion magazine, Madonna assured that “If you don’t like this painting, I think we could never be friends”, referring to the painting by Frida Kahlo. Furthermore, every time she visits our country, the singer and dancer takes time to visit the House Museum of Frida Kahlo.

At the beginning of the century the biographical film of the talented Mexican artist was recorded. And although in the end the paper remained in the hands of Salma Hayek, Madonna showed his interest in interpreting it. The American artist thought she could do it, considering that in 1996 she had given life to one of the most remembered characters in the history of Latin American politics: Eva Peron.


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