M or not? We Know the Truth About General Purpose Radars Protecting the World



The most common traffic violation in our country is not exceeding the maximum speed limit. The municipalities themselves have long been trying to prevent this fact in several ways. Dramatic ones are, of course, cameras and instant names, cheaper ones are various speed bumps, dynamic traffic lights or general purpose radars. They can look like classic cameras and speed cameras while driving. But I still don’t know one.

Cheap radar option

Among the most popular alternatives to stationary radars and axes are the instant information boards in front of me and the pit full of the same wheels that slow down fast-moving ideas. This is not a black and white device, equipped with a simple display capable of reading and showing the current speed of a passing vehicle. Some boards are even equipped with a camera that can only register a sign or even simulate a flash. So what can I do?

InformationSpeed ​​signs are commonly found in villages.oh dudeh or tuesdayh meven in risk areas where people move frequently.

He is not fined, but only

Many people go and think and informationn sign art fines for speeding, so it is better to brake near them to the maximumWithin the speed limit. But the truth is it’s too late records are not proof matterfallI doubt it, but absolutely they only serve as a source of information for the municipalities. Then you in ppad astit’s undersized, the speed can be on Dan locality build MC Zazen who will distribute the penalty.


This type of general purpose radar is cheap and moves quickly to speed bumps.H go powat the hotel psychologically tricks – shows them speed, registryn characters and stra is a fake flush. They fit so well in that the installation of the board is not at all difficult and the tension is me pouwhat will be public illuminated or compact solar panel.

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