Lupillo Rivera reacted to Belinda and Nodal’s controversy: “A man’s duty is to shut up”

(Instagram photo: @juanriveramusic, @belindapop/ Getty Images photo)
(Instagram photo: @juanriveramusic, @belindapop/ Getty Images photo)

The recent controversy that broke out between Belinda and Christian Nodal It continues to give something to talk about and has not only divided opinions on social networks, it has also caused some reactions in the world of entertainment. Such was the case with Lupillo Riverawho was infuriated by questions on the subject, but shared his point of view on his controversies with ex-partners.

During a meeting with the media, the Bull of the corrido was approached about the tweets that Christian Nodal launched after his former mother-in-law, Belinda Schüll, applauded a comment on social networks where they called him “naco”. Noticeably upset with the situation, the interpreter of the Mexican regional asked not to involve him in a problem that he is unaware of just because he had an affair with the Spanish artist when they were both part of Mexico’s voice.

The thing with Belinda is over, the thing with Mayeli is over […] Olga Breeskin has already happened, all that has already happened, get over it, “he declared.

After his breakup, Lupillo Rivera removed his tattoo and the figure he chose unleashed memes on social networks.  (Photo: Capture of Twitter @EmilioCadernMne)
After his breakup, Lupillo Rivera removed his tattoo and the figure he chose unleashed memes on social networks. (Photo: Capture of Twitter @EmilioCadernMne)

The 50-year-old singer argued that he cannot answer questions that are not directly related to his personal or professional life because he does not know the subject, in addition to not being able to explain why Christian Nodal decided to write his controversial tweets: “I can answer for my actions and for my things”.

Although he did not want to talk about the controversy between the actress and the interpreter of bottle after bottle, commented that, from his perspective, when a love relationship ends, it is best to remain silent to avoid problems. For this reason, although his former partners make public statements about him, he prefers not to respond and only sends them his best wishes.

A man’s duty is to shut up and move on, that makes a man of duties. Then one says if the women have spoken bad things and everything they have said about me, I just bless her: ‘God bless you, God take care of you’ and God puts everything on the table alone, ”he commented.

Mayeli Alonso spoke about Lupillo Rivera and Belinda (Photos: Instagram)
Mayeli Alonso spoke about Lupillo Rivera and Belinda (Photos: Instagram)

Although the interpreter big garters He has been in the media eye for his romances on more than one occasion throughout his career, he prefers not to make any statements about it regardless of whether his ex-girlfriends uncover some details about their relationship. He finally assured that he is very calm with the love experiences that he has lived.

Women can talk about you what they want.I am very calm with my being, I know how I treat women, I know what I gave to women, it’s not my place to put it on the table and say I did this because that doesn’t make me better”, he added.

An example of the statements that his former partners have made about him occurred a few days ago, when Mayeli Alonso was honest with his companions from The House of Celebrities 2 about the affair that her ex-husband had with the interpreter of Light without gravity. While he was preparing the food, he commented that the tattoo that Lupillo Rivera had made in honor of the Spanish woman was not something particular.

Lupillo and Belinda met during their work at "The voice" (IG: lavozaztec)
Lupillo and Belinda met during their work on “La Voz” (IG: lavozazteca)

That guy tattoos everyone, after me, he was with one of my former best friends and he tattooed her too“, he pointed.

But that was not all, Mayeli assured that the actress of welcome to eden He looked for her almost at the end of his courtship with Lupillo because he was going through a bad time: “What a show, she (Belinda) went to my house… He even cried to her, she cried to him. She finished the story because… that guy is a bastard, that guy was living in the moment”, he declared.

It is worth mentioning that Belinda has never spoken publicly about the fleeting romance she would have had with the interpreter of the Mexican regional months before confirming her courtship with Christian Nodal.


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