Luis Suárez warns about the Honduran players, the arrival of Bolillo Gómez and the situation of Keylor Navas – Diez

Luis Fernando Suarez he may be playing his position at the head of the National Team Costa Rica in this commitment before Honduras, where the obligation is to win to continue with a visa in the eliminatory to Qatar 2022.

Prior to this challenge against Honduras, the Colombian helmsman spoke a little about everything and among them the state of health of Keylor Navas.

“They have had a good evolution, but we want to take them in the professional way possible. They have responded well and hopefully may be one hundred percent. The news so far is good and we hope it continues like this. “

Regarding the classic against Honduras and the importance of this commitment. “There are people to respond to the high demands and in the specific case of Costa Rica, we are looking to solve certain situations in attack, where we have not been very effective and added that to the pressure. The winner is the one with the head set right“You have to have the talent and the situation to respond to these pressures will win the game.”

Despite the bad moment that happens to the Honduras National Team, Luis Suárez, thinks differently and assures that there are many aspects that make him think of the Bicolor.

I take care of a lot of possibilities that Honduras can give you in its game. It is a fast team, with good technique, tactically applied to things, a coach who knows how to handle emotions like Hernán Gómez. It is a team to be very careful, that is vital. “

He also made it clear that this result would not be everything for the remainder of the tie. “Costa Rica cannot think that the victory against Honduras will it will alleviate everything, each game you have to try to win it, have improvement. It would be an important emotional situation, but not the only one, it seems to me that each game of ours is going to be playing a final “.

At the time he was consulted about the situation that the Catracha squad is going through, where they suffer a lot when a goal is scored in the games.

“It is made to a goal to Honduras and it ends, but it is not. One should not think that with a goal lower spirit and the vision of us that must be without thinking about what is happening with Honduras “.

Suárez was very sincere in considering that both teams have not been up to the task in this World Cup tie. “The two teams owe a lot for the results that are seen. For some reason the results have not been given and there will always be a situation. In Costa Rica it has been from the middle of the field up and for that reason we have not done many goals “.

Regarding the differences that may exist in the face of the duel in San Pedro Sula. “It’s playing as if it were a crystal ball, guessing and I don’t think. Each game is different, one must see if he did well or badly, correct it and when the ball is rolling the movements are different. It will be a complicated, difficult game. “

And he added: “There are times the results, there are times they tell you something different from what you see as a coach. Honduras’s proposal is very good, it has good players and that is why I have deep respect for it regardless of who the coach is. ; if it had been professor coitus or now that Hernán is here, I think the most important thing is to respect the players they have, who are very good. “

The low level and position in the table of Honduras is not a point of distraction for the Ticos. “That is a factor that none of the Costa Rican players are considering, what we want is for them to be clear that they are going to face a good team, difficult to face in any situation. Distraction factors it is what Costa Rica occupies the least “.

As for the rumors of the pressure he has to lose this game and have to leave the position of the technical direction of Costa Rica. “There is pressure and I am clear. One must know how to live with that pressure.”

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