Luis Pérez assures that the Tri Sub-20 will not miss Marcelo Flores

Aztec technical director Luis Perez of the Mexican Under-20 National Team, stated that they will not miss the soccer player Marcelo Flores from the team Arsenal of the premier league from England, who misses the World Cup in Honduras.

The Mexican striker will not be able to be in the Under-20 Pre-World Championship, where El Tri is looking for a ticket to the next World Cup since the Spanish technical director Mikel Arteta called him up to the Gunners’ first-team pre-season.

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We are a great group of 20 and that is important, they all have quality and are important, Marcelo was there throughout the process, but the group is more important and we hope to have a good version in the tournament to achieve the objective”, affirmed the coach.

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Luis Pérez made it clear that Marcelo Flores has been a fundamental player in this process in the Tri Sub-20, but he stated that they should not depend only on this striker and they have a squad of 20 players with great quality, so they go for the ticket to the next World Cup in the category.

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