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On January 30, while he was with the Colombian National Team, which would ultimately be eliminated from the Qatar World Cup, Luis Fernando Díaz Marulanda signed his contract with Liverpool English, one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Such a paradox!

Luis Díaz, Lucho, el Guajiro, may have been the most mentioned athlete in the press, on web pages, in newspapers, on Colombian radio stations and TV channels in the first half of the year, in the most followed sport, not only in the country but on the planet.

And in the English media, in all digital and conventional media, he was the protagonist of hundreds of headlines for his real influence on the game of the powerful team led by the German Jürgen Klopp, one of the most famous coaches in the last decade.

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in major leagues

Not only that: the living legends of English football, many now media commentators as former players, did not spare a single praise for him, for his game of speed and dribbling, of diagonals and shots on goal and, also, defensive discipline.

For Liverpool there was not a penny of regret for the 60 million euros they paid to Porto Portuguese (45 plus 15 in variables) by the Colombian who in just one semester became the best winter reinforcement of the Premier League.

His first semester, the second half of the 2021-2022 season was crazy: without the need to adapt or adaptation times, he played immediately and was immediately a figure. In Anfield, the mythical Liverpool stadium, was received and treated as what he is, a stellar idol, and the fans even made him a song.

He was champion twice: he lifted the FA Cup and League Cup trophies, and was runner-up in the European Champions Leaguein which he started in the final that Liverpool lost with eI Real Madrid, being the first Colombian to start in the most important club game in Europe and, for many, in the world. He was also runner-up in the Premier League in a thrilling final against Manchester City.

In addition, he was 17th in the ‘Golden Ball’ and among the 10 finalists of Globe Soccer.

“February 4 was the day that all of you welcomed me as one of the family. Since that moment I have been daydreaming, living what I have deeply wanted for my entire life. Now that you have shown me that dreams do come true, let me assure you that we will continue to dream together. With everything that remains to be gained, so be it, because here I know that I will never walk alone, ”Luis Díaz wrote on his Instagram, halfway through the year.

This marvelous season for the barely 25-year-old winger had two total eclipses: the first, the removal of the SColombian election of the World Cup.

“Since I was little I dreamed of wearing the shirt and wearing it proudly in a World Cup. It hurts too much not to have achieved it (classify). I keep the desire to fight for this dream; You will have my commitment from me and know that I will leave everything to achieve that goal. We will have revenge, ”she wrote on his social networks.

And the second was the knee ligament injury he suffered last October and from which he relapsed on December 9, which forced him to undergo an operation that will leave him incapacitated until at least next March.


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