Luis de Alba explodes against Lyn May for his visit to Carmen Salinas

The Mexican comedian Luis de Alba expressed his discontent with Lyn May after the star decided to be present at the hospital where actress Carmen Salinas is fighting for her life.

In interview for the program The sun rises, the artist could not contain his annoyance when he learned that Lyn was interviewed by the press there.

“People from the media are going to advertise themselves, what are they going for? They know they can’t see it, so they get there, they know that there are all the media there and … well, let the media see them, and that good friends and that they suffer a lot … please! … “, declared De Alba.

Luis de Alba / Mexico Agency

Luis de Alba / Mexico Agency

And upon hearing the direct question about whether his message was against the Mexican film actress of Chinese descent, Luis replied: “Do you think I didn’t know that? is in a coma and go to what? “

Prior to these statements, the actor confessed his sadness for the news he has about the health of Carmen Salinas. “When I spoke with his brother he told me ‘the truth is that it is very difficult’, but I do have faith, that like the prayer of mine and of many people who love her and that made us happy, I believe that prayer is stronger and God is stronger than everything, so I still have faith that he will compose himself and come back, I want 3 minutes to tell him what I feel, nothing more, but God is not wrong, it is God’s time, and we respect him “.

He also recalled that when he underwent surgery after suffering a spectacular accident last September, Carmelita was present, sending him money to cooperate with medical expenses.

“When I left the operating room, my wife told me ‘Carmen Salinas spoke and she sent you money, 50 thousand pesos’, and I’ but no, you would have told her thank you, but it was not necessary ‘, she answered’ I don’t know, She was the first to send money, ‘and she spoke almost every day to see how I was doing, Carmen was that size (sic), “he said about it.


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