“Lovers” by Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin is the main theme of the program for two weeks in a row.

(Photo) DB AUTUMN.

(Photo) DB AUTUMN.

(OSEN = Reporter Yong Hwi Sung) MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Lovers’ ranked first for the most recent program for two weeks in a row.

According to Good Data Corporation’s Topic Rankings on the 28th, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘In Love’ (played by Hwang Jin-young, directors Kim Sung-young, Lee Han-jun and Cheon Soo-jin) rose by 31.1. % from the previous week, ranking first for the most recent of all programs for two consecutive weeks, and the Friday-Saturday drama “Theme” held the top spot for three consecutive weeks.

In terms of relevance among the cast of the drama, actor Namgoong Min, the lead actor in “In Love,” ranked first for three weeks in a row, followed by Ahn Eun Jin, who ranked second for two weeks in a row. In addition, it ranked first in the number of news articles, video views, VON messages/comments, and search responses in the drama section, proving that it is truly a consummate four-wall drama.

In the last 8 episodes, while Lee Chang Hyun (Namgoong Min) was in danger of death, Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) was sobbing heartbreakingly in the home theater. At the end of the broadcast, belongings of Koreans who died during the Qing Dynasty arrived, and inside were tengs that Gil Chae Yoo gave to Jang Hyun Lee and a fan of Jang Hyun Lee. Thinking that Lee Chang Hyun was dead, Yoo Gil Chae held the fur vest that Lee Chang Hyun gave him during the war and wept silently.

And that night, Gil-Che Yu saw the face of this man for the first time in a dream. The man in the dream that I so wanted to meet was Lee Chang Hyun. The next day, Gil Che Yu climbed the mountain, took the fur vest that Lee Chang Hyun gave him, and called Lee Chang Hyun’s name three times. It was believed that the dead could come back to life. “Brother Changhyun. When I return, I will never be so heartless again. There are things I haven’t said yet. Please come back!

This poll was conducted by Good Data Corporation, a television thematic analysis agency, based on 19 dramas and 181 non-drama programs from the 21st to the 27th that aired or were scheduled to air. This is the result of analyzing the reactions of network users and summing up thematic points. / monamie@osen.co.kr

(Photo) Courtesy of MBC.

Wheesung Young (monamie@osen.co.kr)

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