‘Love Me Like This’: Christian Nodal Dedicates a Love Song to Belinda

The young singer from Sonora, Christian Nodal, once again demonstrated the great love he feels for his fiancee and girlfriend Belinda by dedicating a love song to him on his social networks. 

The young singer from Sonora, Christian Nodal, once again demonstrated the great love he feels for his fiancee and girlfriend Belinda through social networks, but this time he decided to dedicate a beautiful love song to convey his sincere feelings, and the beautiful detail managed to captivate to millions of his fans. 

Let’s remember that the famous celebrity couple has been in a love relationship for a little over a year and just a couple of months ago, the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle’ was encouraged to ask for marriage to ‘the princess of Latin pop’ in a luxurious restaurant in Spain and as expected, he said yes. 

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Although their relationship has been involved in all kinds of controversies and scandals due to multiple rumors, Nodal and Belinda are more in love than ever, since in recent weeks we have been able to see them quite affectionate and close together, because at no time do they separate and always both attend whatever event they have prepared.

And on this occasion, the successful exponent of the Mexican regional wanted to make a beautiful request to his future wife after sharing a photograph through the stories of his personal account on the social network of the little camera, with which he caused a sensation to more of his eight million followers. 

In this postcard, you can only see the intertwined hands of the couple, while a piece of a melody that was also heard in the background in the stories appears on the screen. 

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“Love me like that, even though sometimes I don’t fit in because I dress weird and I have a lot of tattoos. Love me rapper and love me always. Please ask, don’t let anyone tell you. Many hate me, mommy, that’s the way people are ”, is the message that Christian placed in the photograph, which is a fragment of the song by the hip-hop artist Nanpa Básico. 

Obviously, Nodeli fans (Nodal and Belinda) were delighted with the show of affection that the Caborca native singer towards the beautiful ‘Camaleones’ actress, who this weekend also took the opportunity to waste her love with Nodal while They were attending a Halloween party, where they were seen wearing a pair of elaborate Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein costumes. 

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