‘Love… I’ll explain the loan to you at home’: the phrases and outfits of the Ecuadorians that drew attention in Qatar during the match with the Netherlands | Ecuador | News

Nearly 5,000 Ecuadorians have arrived in Qatar, making themselves felt in the streets of Doha and in the stadiums where the first two games have been played.

The commitment played this Friday against the Netherlands has not been the exception. During the broadcast of the match and photos that have been captured by various agencies and international media show fans in Qatar with striking posters and outfits.

The National Team drew level with the Netherlands and added a point (1-1) that leaves the Tri to a single tie, on Tuesday against Senegal, to achieve the pass to the round of 16.

One of the humorous phrases that circulated during the game was on the poster that a fan of La Tri showed. He was a man who held a banner with the legend: ‘Love… I’ll explain the loan to you at home.’

From FIFA’s Spanish account, a post was shared with that photo and a smiling emoticon.

To get to Qatar, dozens of Ecuadorians have used their savings or financed part of the trip with credits or cards.

“We feel cheated, cheated.” Passengers paid up to $20,000 for a ‘tour’ to Qatar that was to take off on the 19th and was canceled

There were also fans who displayed posters alluding to the claim that Chile made to the Ecuadorian Football Federation. “When does Chile play?” was the banner displayed by a couple in the stadium.

In the transmission there were also posters that were shown of fans from different Ecuadorian cities. In a shot of the transmission, a fan was seen with a Quevedo sign.

“We not only support the Tricolor, we are the Tricolor”: in schools and universities in Guayaquil there were trivia and contests during the World Cup match

The Qatar Airways account, Qatar’s official airline, posted a video of the Ecuadorians in the stands of the stadium. There you can see fans wrapped in the flag, with painted faces, hats and masks.

Diablo Huma skins have been displayed in matches. Photo: @fifaworldcup_es

One of the most visible masks in the two parties has been that of the Devil Huma, a character from the Inti Raymi festival, also known as Aya Uma. In the match with Qatar and the Netherlands, international agencies and media have posted Ecuadorians with these masks. (YO)

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