Love and thunder’ (2022). In marvelous Olympus

The god of thunder enters Marvelite Olympus. And no, I’m not saying this because in his last solo adventure Thor visits Zeus. That he could. The phrase in question goes more well because thanks to ‘Thor: Love and thunder’ the character played by Chris Hemsworthfirst appeared in comics in 1962, becomes the first superhero of the MCU to have a fourth solo feature film. And not only does she already paint that no one is going to catch up with her, soon and not so soon, but that a fifth film could even be seen on the horizon. Being clear that, like it more or like it less, Taika Waititi has come to stay. and although ‘Thor: Ragnarök’ (2017) is the one that takes the fame, that there is no doubt that ‘Thor: Love and thunder’ It is the one that cards the wool.

Trouble grows in New Asgard

Some years have passed since the diptych ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (2018) and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019) of the brothers Russian, last location where we glimpse Thor. After those events our intrepid god of thunder decided to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. His goal: run some other space spree at expenses paid. And that is precisely where we first find the character in ‘Thor: Love and thunder’battling for forgotten planets alongside the motley crew of galactic heroes.

But something inside him seems to tell him that this is not the life he is looking for, that in those crazy adventures he does not seem to find that reason to live that he so much needs. It is then that an alert call from Sif, his former battle partner, puts him on notice that the people of Asgard, now settled on Earth under the name of New Asgard after the genocide suffered in ‘Thor: Ragnarök’needs your help.

Gorr, locally nicknamed the butcher of gods, has set out to wipe out every deity in the universe. After liquidating some of them, he deposits the edge of his sword in Asgard, the next location where he plans to carry out his misdeeds. Given which Thor decides to return to his homeland, now run by Valkyrie, to find, not only this Gorr, but also a mysterious subject who has supplanted his personality to the point of even being able to handle his, in previous Shattered episodes, Mjolnir.

Will Thor be able to face all these problems, or will he miss the free and carefree life he led with the Guardians of the Galaxy?…

The question that flutters about ‘Thor: Love and thunder’

so it begins ‘Thor: Love and thunder’fourth solo adventure of the Nordic god and first, now yes, with the New Zealander Taika Waititi at the controls of the entire ship. the already mentioned Chris Hemsworth, Christian bale, Natalie Portman in his return to the saga nine years after his last appearance, Tessa Thompson Y Russell Crowe they lead in front of the screen, among others, a cast that, as happened in its predecessor, rows completely in favor of the work.

And beyond analyzing in depth the own ‘Thor: Love and thunder’which he will probably do later in a cursory way, the twenty-ninth film of the MCU It raises a very important question for me, and one that I believe is not being given the importance it deserves. Mysteriously, I see the most intrigued people in explaining why, in the middle of phase four, we still do not glimpse the theoretical villain who will make our favorite heroes pale there at the end of the presumable phase six, much less his dramatic arc. But in my opinion there is another more insidious question that flutters through my mind: What are the series for? Marvel?

What are the Marvel series for?

On July 14, 2021, the first season of ´Loki´. Six chapters that resulted in what I consider the worst series released to date by Kevin Feig and company. But we are not here to clarify if it was a good or bad product, I will leave that for another day. The truly chilling thing is to see, stunned, how the events narrated in the series created by michael waldron have had so much relevance and influence in ‘Thor: Love and thunder’ like athlete’s foot would at a dental symposium. Zero. Ranker.

If it turns out that said series, headed by that brother of the god of thunder whom Thor considers dead, is, in the end, insignificant for the film, and we will see if for the saga from which its protagonist comes out, where the hell are they going to have relevance of these events? In the aftermath of ‘Black Panther’ (Ryan Coogler, 2018)?

With such a strange decision they make it clear that the television universe of MCU it is a line parallel to the purely cinematographic, stripes therefore never destined to cross. What happens on television, stays on television. Clear confirmation for all those skeptical of the series world, a group in which I have always found myself, that it is not worth wasting time looking at products that, whether they like it more or like it less, and even work more or work less, are absolutely useless. nothing beyond filling hours and hours of empty content. We must promote the consumption of a streaming platform that aims to unseat the competition, and both Marvel What starwars they have become simple hooks.

The exception which confirms the rule

‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’greatly influencing pride ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ (Sam Raimi, 2022), seems to stand as the exception which confirms the rule. an award of consolation maybe for being the series that inaugurated all.

It is also noted that the recent ‘Ms. Marvel’or rather its protagonist, will appear in ‘The Marvels’the sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’ (Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck, 2019) who prepares Nia DaCosta for 2023. But it is that my complaint focuses almost exclusively on the series launched during 2021, all those that included well-known characters. His theoretical objective was to complete the dramatic arcs of these characters, which during the films had not been able to be developed due to lack of time. But ‘loki’, the only one in addition to those that have won a second season, did not serve for that. Unless they consider discovering the character’s bisexuality a relevant fact. And it has not served to cement his mother saga either. So what has been his role?

Waititi raised to maximum power

already anticipated by Taika Waititi in ‘Thor: Ragnarök’ is raised to the maximum power in ‘Thor: Love and thunder’. So both defects and virtues of the former are elevated here also therefore.

The Thor of the New Zealander embraces the joke and the joke, and whoever did not see such a decision with good eyes in 2017, will not see it in 2022 either. It is easier for a dune in the desert to change position than the mentality of a stubborn. I enjoyed that film, and I have done so again with this one.

The general comic tone again harms the villain of the show, for example. a stupendous Christian bale. That which already happened at the time to Cate Blanchett. But the truth is that it is quite complex to fit such solemn villains in the garish tones of products such as ‘Thor: Love and thunder’, so it is collateral damage already assumed. The return of Natalie Portman is very well, a very powerful presence that downplays a Tessa Thompson that it was called, I believe, to be much more than what it ends up being here.

At the character level, what has convinced me the least is the luxury cameo. here the Guardians of the Galaxy remain as a mere hook to attract more public, something that in ragnarok It didn’t happen to the Hulk. That blow hurt me. I understand that this was not his movie, but putting that bait and then not catching anything seems like a mess to me.

Visually, the only thing I am going to review is how ‘Thor: Love and thunder’ approaches, in some other segment, the undervalued ‘Gods of Egypt’ (Alex Proyas, 2016).

Our evaluation:

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