Lothar Matthäus called the career of Benjamin Pavard a failure when moving to Inter Milan

Matthäus saw that the move from Bayern to Inter was not an “upgrade” of Pavard’s career.

Despite the fact that Lothar Matthäus was an Inter Milan legend, he did not hesitate to say that Benjamin Pavard would experience a career setback if he moved to the team. Nerazzurri on the transfer market this summer.

Matthäus was once a champion with Inter, but he doesn’t think Pavard’s position will improve if he takes off the jersey of Bayern Munich, who are none other than the former club of the legend.

“The former directors promised Pawar that he could leave at the end of the season, but with these new directors there are new rules,” Matthäus said.

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“As promised, Pawar is now sulking. He is also not being used as a central defender as he would have liked.”

“He has always been a reliable and consummate professional,” he said.

“For all the love I have for my former club, I must say that a transfer from Bayern to Inter is not an option right now.” updatesMatthews said.

“Despite Nerazzurri had a good season, reached the Champions League final and won the Coppa Italia, Bayern are an important club in Europe.”

According to Matthäus, the situation that needs to be improved between Pavard and Bayern is how to find a solution so that the defender can play in the centre-back position.

“I think the main thing here is that Pavard wants to play as a central defender and increase the number of minutes in this position in order to become the first player in the French national team,” Matthäus concluded.

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