Lost young migrant launches SOS from the desert; tried to cross to the US 10 days ago

Since the end of October, Omar Reyes Lopez and a group of friends left their town located in San Salvador, Hidalgo state, bound for the United States, with the goal of work in that territory.

The 19-year-old has 10 days lost in the Chihuahuan desert and the authorities do not locate it; in his last communication he said that he is alive, but tired, and begged that they please find him because he can’t take it anymore.

“We think that from today to Sunday they are essential to find him alive. The Beta Group from Chihuahua contacted the family and they already located the coordinates that he sent, but they did not find it. Since yesterday we have not had communication with him and we are very desperate, “he told THE UNIVERSAL Mrs. Silvia Reyes López, Omar’s mother.


Last Tuesday, November 2, the young man arrived in Ciudad Juárez and notified his family, he went into the desert with the group, but on the way the found the border patrol, they all ran and scattered among themselves. The next day some they reported safe and sound and managed to reach the United States, but not Omar, his friends say they lost him during the flight, they searched for him, but could not locate him.

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“Today, Friday the 12th, he has been missing for 10 days, he was able to communicate on Wednesday through a WhatsApp audio and he said that he no longer had a charge and he was communicated because it was the only moment he was able to take a signal, he communicated and He said he was fine, alive, that he was very tired that he didn’t know where he was and that he had food for about three days, “said Silvia, who is the mother of five other children.

According to testimonies, Omar took advantage of that moment to speak with his uncle, who asked to call 911, which he did. The United States authorities located his coordinates in Mexican territory, in the Chihuahuan desert, they reported him to the Mexican authorities who went to look for him, but they no longer found him.

“After calling 911 he contacted me again and begged that they please find him, that can no longer and we are very worriedWe haven’t spoken to him since then.


Our fear is that there is an omission on the part of the Mexican authorities and that they will stop the search, they told us that the Beta group from Chihuahua and the army is looking for him, but we are not sure that this is the case, we want to accompany the authority to review that area, that do everything humanly possible to find it and that the authority does not give up, “explained Sheila, one of the aunts, to this newspaper.

The relatives do not even want to think about the possibility that Omar has lost his life; however yeah they fear that he has been co-opted by organized crime.

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