Lost Ark First Impressions and Gameplay – Finding Diablo’s Successor

It has been more than 21 years since it came to our computers Devil 2, Blizzard’s unforgettable ARPG that polished and improved the playable formula of the first installment of the series to become a revolution and a benchmark for the genre, creating your own subgenre of “Devil-style games” that we’ve had on a recurring basis over the years.

During these two decades there have been many who have wanted to be the successors of Devil2, from worthy deliveries such as Titan quest to such notable titles as Path of Exile, one of the favorites of the most purist players (although not suitable for all audiences due to its depth) passing, of course, through the Devil 3 created by Blizzard itself and waiting for a Devil 4 in which the community has its hopes pinned but that will not arrive, at least, until 2023.

While that fourth installment of the saga arrives, for some time they have been talking and commenting on a title that will be released in 2019 in South Korea and which has been in beta for two years in Russia, a video game called Lost ark that it has conquered the players of both countries (and those of Japan in which its beta was released last year) and that now prepares his landing in Spain and the rest of the West from the hand of Amazon Games, starting with a closed beta that has taken place during the last days before the launch of the game that, if nothing fails, will take place during the first months of 2022.

Commented gameplay

Below you can see our gameplay in which we tell you what we think about the beta of Lost ark, being able to see what it looks like:

A beautiful world called Arkesia

When we decide to enter Lost ark we will travel to a world called Arkesia, a place beautiful on an artistic level (at least during our first travels) which has been in relative peace for nearly five centuries after the heroes locked up the demon Kazeros and his entire Legion in a volcano.

Nevertheless, that peace is about to break And, in times of war, it is the moment of the resurgence of the chosen heroes like us, who will have to face the new evil of the world while we try to reunite the seven fragments of a mysterious Ark to return to banish Kazeros and restore peace.

The peace of Arkesia is
The peace of Arkesia is about to be broken with a new invasion of the forces of Kazeros and only the Ark will be able to save us …

Aspects and classes of all tastes and colors for our hero

Before embarking on the adventure, as always, we were able create our virtual alter ego, to the hero with whom we are going to fight evil in the world and look for the seven pieces of the ark and that we can customize to our liking with all kinds of faces, hairstyles, beards, tattoos and colors and tones to be able to outline a hero to our liking. measure.

Regarding the lessons we have a total of five available (Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Wizard and Assassin) who in turn are divided into different subclasses that are played quite differently from one to the other. Something quite particular about Lost ark is that there are classes that can only be of a certain gender (for example, Magician for women or Warrior for men) while others have notable differences depending on whether we choose a male or female aspect such as, for example, the Martial Artist who has different subclasses depending on whether our character is male or female.

There are many possibilities when choosing a class and each one is very different from the other.
There are many possibilities when choosing a class and each one is very different from the other.

Beyond this, at least the classes that we have tried (Martial Artist and Gunner in our case) they are played in very different ways both between them and depending on the subclass that we choose, so it seems that the variety and the multiple ways of having fun with a hero or heroine or another are going to be the order of the day.

A frenzied, deep and fun combat system

Something that we particularly liked about Lost ark is his combat system, much deeper than what we usually find in other games of the style, although accessible enough to give us the feeling that “we have already played this” during the first bars of the game.

From the outset, the controls will allow us choose mouse layout for the actions of the movement and basic attack (being able to choose left click to move and right to attack or vice versa) and during the first confrontations of the tutorial (which lasts a few minutes and which is highly recommended to play, by the way), we dedicated ourselves to to have those satisfying feelings of popping enemies at the click of a button that we like so much in the titles of this style.

The combat of 'Lost Ark' leaves us one of the sensations m
The combat of ‘Lost Ark’ leaves us one of the most satisfying sensations of the genre, being a real delight at the playable level.

As we play and face larger amounts of monsters or demons, we gradually delve into the rest of the combat system, made up of a total of 8 skills accessible from the QWER ASDF keys, to which must be added a series of 10 shortcuts destined for potions or actions such as summoning the mount or singing a ballad to return to our home.

For us it is of the right number of skills, counting on the enough variety as to have a few possibilities during combat that allow us to face almost all situations, having more richness in this sense than in the saga Devil and offering us enough dynamism when fighting, resulting in a game very funny in his combat mechanics (to which we must of course add the powers of the enemy that we will have to dodge with the dodge button) being very satisfactory to slaughter dozens of monsters with the blow of powers and hooking ourselves from minute one to their playable proposal.

Each skill has its own
Each skill has its own progression tree and we can have up to 10 different ‘settings’ saved.

In addition, we We had a particularly good time with the Demon Hunter Gunner that, in addition to these 8 abilities, can change between three types of weapons (each with its abilities and particularities) depending on the combat situation in which it is, having a perfect balance for us between difficulty, handling and possibilities, feeling like as one of the funniest classes in the game, at least during this beta.

A character evolution with great freedom but without going

Another aspect that has caught our attention and liked the most about this beta is the freedom and possibilities we have when it comes to evolving and forging our character, having many options and a good depth but without being as chaotic and overwhelming as the one we have in Path of Exile, achieving a quite interesting balance in this sense between the proposals of Devil and the free to play by Grinding Gear Games.

On Lost ark each skill of our character has its own improvement tree to increase the range of a power, its damage or other effects that it causes to our enemy. To advance in this tree we have to invest skill points that we get by leveling up, progressing, as we want in all kinds of powers, giving us many options to adapt all classes, even more if possible, to our style of play.

Also, something that we really liked is the preset system that allows us to have up to 10 different progression options saved to distribute the progression of our character’s abilities in up to 10 different ways and adapt it at a click to the needs of our group before entering a dungeon or depending on the PVP or PVE content. The first two preset options are completely free and the other eight can be unlocked with in-game credits.

The hours pass fast looking for the Ark

We have played a few hours to the beta of Lost ark but in this contact, we have already found a title with signs of being an authentic life robber when it hits our computers early next year. In fact, it seems to us a more than successful bet from Amazon Games that seems to be having good judgment when choosing its multiplayer projects.

U.S We have had a great time fighting and massacring the Demonic Legion of Kazeros, with combat mechanics that are not revolutionary but that are very well integrated and are tremendously satisfactory and dynamic especially in the case of the gunner, not to mention the possibilities when it comes to improving our character, the two key points that We have taken from these first hours of play as we have reflected in this text.

Lost ark let us wanting more, to continue delving into a world very well designed at an artistic level, surrounded by secondary schools, special events and a magic that is already sensed and that makes us really want Amazon Games to put a date on one of the titles that more may surprise us during the first months of 2022 that they will be loaded with authentic games for all tastes.

To get Lost ark succeed Devil? That only the final version and time will tell, but wood to try it has.

We have made these impressions after playing the closed beta of Lost Ark.

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