Loredana Groza, kneeling in front of Horia Moculescu, on stage: “He is more than Guru Al Muz”

Several artists performed on the stage of the festival, but the most long-awaited moment was the moment at the end, when Loredana Groza appeared before the public along with her group. The 50-year-old artist has special memories associated with this festival.

Loredana Groza on stage for the first time with Horia Moculescu

At the age of 16, in 1986, she took part for the first time in the Light Music Festival in Mamai (August 27-31), where she won the main prize. Now she is back and singing on stage with Horia Moculescu.

“I have been waiting for this moment for many years. Tonight my dream is coming true and I have no words to thank the Universe, the music that I can have with me for the first time, the great, huge artist Horia Moculescu,” said Loredana Groza, who also made an unexpected gesture. .

On the open stage, she knelt before the 86-year-old composer and artist. After that, they sang the song “Si sifa” together and hugged at the end.


“He is more than a guru of Romanian music. Thank you, Horia,” said Loredana Groza.

After almost 40 years of career, Loredana Groza declares: “It’s a dream”

In a recent interview with Libertatea, Loredana Groza told us about her music. Her latest song is “Mister Amor”, a self-written song she released on August 28 with Shift. “This is a song that I wrote. Just recently the idea came to my mind, I went into the studio and heard a beat that is extremely interesting, sensual and very swingy. It is called Mr. Amor and it is about her, who prefers that he was silent, because it often spoils the interaction. It’s romantic, but at the same time a little cheeky.

Shift came into the game, in the song, with its very welcome verse, it’s a counterpoint to my whole story, and it’s all dynamic, the video comes out on August 28, this month, and the story takes place in the Hotel. You will see, this is a very funny story, ”said the artist, who has a big dream. She hopes that her desire to release the next album in her career will come true by the end of this year.

“I want to finish the album, I’m almost 80% done already. I don’t want to give a release date, but I would like it to happen this year. It’s a dream. I think this is the 23rd album. I don’t like such calculations,” the artist admitted to us.

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