Looks like PlayStation will announce three new games

Long time, PlayStation posted a live action video to promote his brand. In this production there are several references to the games of this company, as well as to some third party. Nevertheless, This material contains three secrets that could point to the release of unannounced titles.

Last week, PlayStation started an initiative where it challenged its users to find the 34 references that this video hides. Here we can find nods to Fortnite, God of War, Returnal, Fall Guys, and many more. However, fans have only located 31 titles, and many have pointed out that the other three are games that have yet to be announced.

On Twitter, several users have found a series of clues that are supposedly related to these mysterious projects. However, at the moment there is no clear answer from PlayStation. With The Game Awards 2021 just days away, this company is very likely to have a couple of surprises up its sleeve, and this is the way to excite the public.

On related topics, it seems that Returnal will have DLC. Similarly, games for PlayStation Plus have been leaked.


Editor’s Note:

The alleged clues that have been found do not reveal anything substantial about these three games. However, considering that, at the moment, the big launches of 2022 are only Horizon Forbidden West and God of war ragnarok, it is very likely that one of these mysterious projects will be available next year.

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