Look how many pounds Hande Yener lost weight in five days: Everyone was shocked

Hande Yener, who is among those who actively use her social media page, attracts attention with her rich concert program. Hande Yener, who attracts attention with the bold dresses she prefers at her concerts, almost wipes the rust off her ears with the songs she sings.

Hande Yener, who has written successful songs and has always appreciated her body in shape, is on the agenda due to her recent weight loss.

Hande Yener broke a new record with 5 concerts in a row. Yener, who took to the stage one after another in Bitlis, Mush, Izmir, Chinardzhik and Istanbul, traveled 4,000 kilometers and gathered 80,000 people. The singer, who wore 5 different costumes at her concerts, was on stage for a total of 9 hours. Hande Yener lost 4 kilograms in 5 days.

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